Weather thread


How is it looking for Sunday?


Too far for certainty, but mostly dry and bright would be the form horse


I remember following last years first final forcast by the day and they had a big black cloud over us and lots of rain predicted for Sunday afternoon from early in the week - as it turned out

Fingers crossed the current prediction will hold with dry weather for Sunday and rain not forcast until Monday


Cat 4 when hit the mainland Evelyn. I think only one of those 2005 storms were that strong when they actually hit


Well the wind and rain forecast fo clear tipp this morning has been put back to tomorrow, so I wouldn’t be counting on anything. Wet eireann says it’ll turn fine and dandy Thursday…


Beautiful full moon last night - and again early this morning , lovely to see


They say the moon is bigger in Cork?


Harvest moon.


I’ll get me measuring tape ready …


i thought harvest moon is august - ive always heard of it being called it down here. its october in the states as they are further south and this is when their harvest is. I thought Hunters moon was october or november as the hunting seasons open around then.

we’ll be calling paths sidewalks next.


I heard t’other day that it was the full moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox.


The Cawrk mooon is the reeeal mooon, not that Dahblin one, ha.


Gerrup de yard , its the Blue Moon, what else ! If you looked at it long enough the number 3 became visible…


in america. everyone on twitter is quoting NASA. sure NASA spell colour wrong, WTF would they know.


I heard it on the Beeb, I think.


So, eh… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Ah we’ll be fine. Along with Wickla, Carla and most of Louth. Everywhere else is pretty much fcuked though ! :astonished:


Cork finally gets a reason to become an island out on its own , lovely stuff :blush:


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: