Weather thread


And now more snow.

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Look after yourself.
Not the w@nking arm, I hope?




Get well soon horse.

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Thanks lads!

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You can still lift a pint with the other arm - that’s the important thing.


I think the least we can do is gift lomaint one of these.


He can swill beer - and tell us all about his obsession with Kim Kardashians big hoop…

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So long as it’s not the arse wiping and wanking arm that’s the main thing :+1:


Current indications for sat evening are quite wintry, though thankfully looks like winds not nearly as strong as earlier in the week. If this chart is near to accurate there would be wintry showers, sleet, hail etc.
Or to put it another way, a nasty, dirty, cold, wet, windy bunch of unsettled, uncomfortable and troubling things will be heading down from the northwest. Roads may not be safe. Red hazard warning!

So just the usual Vs Tyrone in the league at home.

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He’s on the way…


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Malin Head yesterday.

Jayzus ! :astonished:




That’s wild wild goin an’ that there. Must be why they want us out of Croker


Stunning photo. The wild weather really brings out the best in our western seaboard (ok - I know it’s the northern tip but I mean “western seaboard” as in Malin down to Mizen).

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Remaining quite pleasant and spring like for the remainder of this week (mostly) but as the month turns to April, we will see a change with a polar wind flow from the north descending over Britain and Ireland (no, this is not a Brexit metaphor) and parts of England and Scotland could see quite significant night time snow falls (sun is probably too strong to allow accumulations during the day) and it wouldn’t take a lot to shift it a few hundred miles west to include us here on the east coast.

As always, I’ll keep a watch on the situation and report if there’s potential for disruption.


Fingers crossed camoige feile this weekend be great if weather held up as its a long 6 hours on the Saturday otherwise


Snow in April is kindly invited to go and fcuk itself ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Hope the weather is good for our League Final appea … oops … sorry, not used to this.


absolutely crackin day here, supposed to be working but cut the grass instead (badly needed). the temptation now of course is to crack open a beer/cider.


It’d be rude not to!

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