Weather thread


Miss Whiplash in a Leprechaunette’s outfit?


Cold and blustery. Maybe even wintery. Too far away for certainty.


There is an increased risk of wintery conditions and very stormy start to the Cheltenham festival. Again, too far out for certainty, but one model run even predicted a storm akin to hurricane Katrina, with heavy falls of snow! I will as usual, keep an eye on it.

Another thing of note is the potential for wintery conditions from late weekend onwards. More anon.


Hoo boy the bookies will be hoping that one doesn’t happen


OK. Very cold week ahead of us starting tonight, with snow possibilities tonight, tomorrow and possibly next weekend also. That said, the storm I spoke of for Tuesday, is not Katrina, nor near it, but has potential to deliver a lot of wind, rain and sleet at low levels and snow at higher levels.

All in, the next 7-10 days are (caveat at this distance) looking to be quite wintery with high winds and frosty nights all involved.

I need an early summer to get some important car restoration done. Can you all cross your fingers please? Thanks!


How’s next Saturday looking ? Presuming I’ll be freezing my bollox off watching us against @upthedall’s crowd :cold_face:


Looks cold and blustery, but it’s too far away!


Ah, Daller’s mob aren’t that bad.

Oh sorry.

You were talking about the weather, weren’t you?


Iomaint slipped in the rain last night, has just had an x-ray to confirm a broken humerous. I can confirm that it’s not funny! Mind yourselves in that weather folks. Accidents always happen to someone else…until they happen to you.


Had an underage game y’day…and we had 4 seasons in an hour.

Poor kids like drowned rats.

I suppose you boys wouldn’t know with your hot weather resources and perma sun shine and heated seats in CP. I’ll say a prayer for yous in mass today.


Ah shite, look after yerself. Hope it heals ok.


Fook that’s a bad one to break. Good luck with the recovery


I thought that was a joke!

Never knew such a bone existed - which is probably why it’s called your funny bone.

Learn something new every day.

Hope it heals and under Dr’s orders…no housework.


Get well soon .


Jaysus sorry to hear, hope your on the mend soon


Serious? Jaysus look after yerself!


Hail, sleet, snow, rain, Gale force wind, blue skies warm strong sun, repeat. Been a mad day.


Ouch! Hope the healing is quick.


The apocoloypse is coming …


Gale now with hailstones coming in at 90 degree angle. Would skin you. As I type replaced by bright sunshine!