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What does the ‘O’ stand for? O ma god it’s cold!! :open_mouth:


Well Rochey once again the linkage to Greenland isn’t there so the Scandi high will shift orientation and just end up north-south over Central and East Europe.


nods sagely … :thinking:



I was just about to make that exact point…


Two observations…

The 2050 Open Championship may have to be played on the coast of Coventry.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the only course to suffer was given the owner’s climate change denial?


Anti Trump sentiment finds its way in to weather thread …


You can’t beat it.


Get a load of the quick tropospheric response Al!!! It’s rapid!!! Next date for potential cold spell is mid February. Mind you, it’s pretty cold right now and we’ve had some good smatterings of snow so far this winter!


Certainly no sign of anything major based on forecasting synopsis Rochey. Just a rinse and repeat of some cold northwest winds followed by milder. Does the tropospheric info indicate a major change to what is being forecast right now, for a week ahead?


When is the current cold due to eff off? Had enough.


Looking like a quick trop response Al, so the models won’t get a handle on it. The dates of between 15th to 20th Feb being the most likely, most likely a Scandi ridge of a rather large scale. Some of the usually calm heads on NW are jumping hoops about this reaction to the SSW. Certainly piqued my interest! :slight_smile:


Here we go again… the beast from the east, in 6 days time… :roll_eyes:


Not quite as quick a trop response as predicted, but a Scandinavian high pressure is pretty much nailed on now… As predicted!

So, turning colder from midweek, potentially much colder by next weekend with potential for snow especially on eastern coastal areas. Incidentally some of the longer range charts show this to be a long lasting cold spell as the high pressure moves to Greenland ala 2010, but a long way off yet to have any semblance of confidence!


Al & Rochey, yiz are both fired !

Neither of ye felt the earth move saw this coming?


Christ @ProudDub will you delete this immediately. She thinks it was me …


At only 4.4?

I seriously doubt it. :wink:


That’s quite good … for me …


Not when it’s seconds, pet. :timer_clock:


No - but earth moving - yes …


Earth worm moving? :wink: