Weather thread


There were accidents, due to snow. M8 urlingfod area and M7 at the toll. Both closed in those areas, maybe open now.

Surprised my favourite bit of the M7 wasn’t closed between roscrea and nenagh or nenagh to birdhill. Literally snow.


Nearly 2 hrs to get from Athlone to Liffey Valley exit.

Toll booth not reading toll tags not helping the situ either. :roll_eyes:


I spoke too soon. AA reporting accident m7 Tipperary/Offaly area.


M9 at Kilcullen earlier.


Person on Twitter saying stuck for two and a half hours on the newbridge/naas bit of m7

Met Eireann must have left their colouring book at home last night.


I’d say the road works there aren’t helping.


And yet they get criticised for their colour-coded warnings.


This colour coded warning came out in the middle of the snow. A bit late.

Snow here has been frozen since half ten. We’re screwed in the morning.


Not entirely true, it was 12 hours before and these type of set ups either fall as heavy rain or heavy snow. The latter because if a slightly cooler upper air today than the computer models predicted. Yellow warning was sufficient IMO


Met E forecasted snow in some places yesterday in their early morning forecast. But I think they underestimated how much and how widespread it turned out to be.


Exactly. It wasn’t the need for about a colour coded warning. It was about telling people that there was going to be snow, and where!


Wasn’t mentioned on the radio at 9 or 11am news and weather. We had six hours of non stop snow. Motorways closed. People stuck for hours and this morning we’re not traveling because of the conditions. Then the matches being called off because so many was caught unawares. ME didn’t predict or warn about what happened till the horse had bolted.


They did, in their early forecast yesterday. I’ve no idea what they said in forecasts later in the morning or around lunchtime


Apologies. I heard no mention but I obviously missed the early forecasts. That’s why I was surprised when they began to cancel matches.


The thaw is on, fecking avalanches coming off the roof. Nearly caught me as I was putting out the bin. It would have been an apt way to go. Like rod hull.


Maybe you should move to Brazil where there is no snow.


No snow here either.


there are some rude people there so nah.


So the outlook, wet, windy for the foreseeable. Remaining on the cool side but as we approach the weekend a possibility of wintery showers as we go through the weekend. Maybe from Saturday night onwards. No sign of a let up of unsettled weather.

For those of you who are interested, here is a blog on the difficulties forecasters have predicting snow. I found it fascinating, but I’m a geek! Geek weather page


Any rough ideas for Paddies Weekend yet ?