Weather thread


Indeed, this is true. I think I mentioned it earlier in the thread too, however, there were other weather drivers in place that would ordinarily have meant the deep cold would have effected us to a much larger extent. If you’re bored and have a few hours to spend, google QBO, mountain torque, Rossby waves and MJO… And if you understand them all, can you come back and explain them to me! :rofl:


Take care heading home anyone travelling on sunday, looks like could get quite stormy later in the day after potentially very heavy rain earlier.
Worst of the wind looks like could be in the Midlands and East after 6pm.
Potential for a cold, wintery snap next week, some sleet or even snow in places, some icy roads early/at night.


Forecasts now downgrading that storm warning for Ireland today. Some heavy rain but it might be clearing by the time the game starts. Lighter winds should prevail. It will be cold though and folks might see some sleet/wet snow before the rain clears.


We have had rain sleet and snow falling simultaneously earlier. Wet snow now.


And now proper snow but not a chance of it sticking


Yes, it’s just transient and will stop by tonight. There will be some big accumulation on high ground though. Wicklow will be very pretty later!


hard to do it.justice in a pic but it’s pelting down and sticking

Hearing of match cancellations in Munster South Leinster in the hurling.


Cork. Two grounds both unplayable.


Snowing quite heavily now in the north county. Actually sticking a bit despite the wet ground.


Snowing and sticking here in Glasnevin north/ Ballymun/ finglas east ( have to keep all happy).


You forgot about Beneavin, Popintree & Ballygalls East & West.

The UN Peacekeeping Council will be having words mate.

Edit: Never mind about Popintree. No one cares about them.


Snowing here in the real Glasnevin as well.:snowman_with_snow:



Go stick yer head out of the side door of The Autobahn so & see if it’s sticking.

Cheers. :+1:


If this keeps.up - still.snowing here - and we have a frost too then the morning here will be mental and dangerous. M7 and M8 already closed this afternoon.


What do you mean closed?


Not open?


Was out in nass this afternoon. Drove home about 5. Roads in a jocker and miles of tailbacks, few fire engines and ambulances heading out the M7.


Beeko!!! I meant is traffic banned from using them or is the snow too bad so people are avoiding them?




Closed. Closed.