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Making landfall on western coasts, with strong winds in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, damaging gusts and constant big wind speed from about 9 am on western coasts, Galway, Mayo, Sligo and Donegal taking the brunt of it. Passing through the country on a W/NW trajectory slowly over the following 36 hours calming down again Saturday night/Sunday morning as we go into a slack cool northerly flow. Potential for heavy rain throughout the event too and there’s a cold sector as the main core passes, which could bring a wintery mix in the showers.



Reffed a game last night and it was a miserable evening - driving wind and rain - i’d say a lot ot pitches will be closed today after inspections meaning a lot of games off this weekend



Quare blowing a gale out there now. Be some craic on the drive down this afternoon. Ah well, it’ll be nice to get there in daylight and have a birra of a lie in tomorrow morning, while you lazy slappers are only hitting the road.



its actually ok in the midlands



Windy here but nothing like the last storm, we seem to be better sheltered from westerly then northerly.



Violent winds here right now, actually woke me up with slamming bins and gates!!! Met E may have got the strengths underestimated a bit.

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Yeah id say good few pitches will be off.



The much vaunted (by me) bitterly cold outbreak seems further away now than ever. Next week sees long fetch warm southerlies across the country.

The SSW I spoke about seems to have had an effect on every part of the northern hemisphere apart from Ireland and most of Britain. All of Europe and America and the Russian areas have had deep cold spells. Our part of the world has missed out.

The weather models have all showed us under severe arctic weather at some stage, but alas, has not produced in real time…

Not over yet, still time, but confidence is now low in the 10% category. Mental weather considering the drivers that have all been positive for arctic weather in our locality. A school of thought that there were too many drivers and it actually made a negative impact. Fair few of the big wigs of Meteorological science land are baffled by the winter we’ve had… I guess Mother Nature is alive and well and taking the p1ss out of us, who try to predict long term weather patterns!

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Lot of hot air blowing from the south west , started around 8.45pm. Could last for a while.



I know you are the old man of the house but…



The next few days (maybe more) will be warm, dry and sunny, and temperatures will more akin to April or May, so a good 5 or 6 degrees above normal for this time of year. The possibility of a more seasonal, cool, wet and westerly driven regime the following week looks the form horse, but the high cell that is about to descend upon us, are notoriously hard to shift, and the way my predictions have gone this year, I won’t go any further than that!

The post-mortem for how and why we didn’t have a very cold winter is ongoing and it’s fascinating, if not a small bit worrying. The “new” climactic atmosphere is not the “old” normal and is changing how weather behaves. What happened this year, ordinarily would have triggered a lengthy cold spell (several weeks or more) with notable deep cold and snowfall. The fact it didn’t, is why it’s worrying. How this all pans out and how it effects our climate on this part of the globe is up in the air ('scuse the pun!), rest assured if the Gulf Stream changes course, we will become a more Continental type climate and less of the temperate type climate.

Interestingly (or not) there will be warm temperature records broken this week in parts of the island and across the water… But Don would have you believe that climate change is a myth!

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Heard some dope on rte radio today saying he was sceptical of climate change cause he was told polar bears would be extinct and yet there’s plenty of them still around.

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Donald ? :thinking:



Sat outside a Blackrock pub yesterday in glorious sunshine & enjoyed ones luncheon in a T-shirt, albeit a long sleeve one. In the middle of February.

The polar bears can go fcuk themselves, quite frankly.

Sorry lads. But it’s February ! :sunny:



Fancy B’tards on the southside with their Polar Bears …



The temp in Aberdeenshire today reached 18.3° which is amazing for February.
I feel as if the winter is all over now but maybe March will have a sting in the tail.



Always possible, March last year was very extreme, so doubtful we’d see such synoptics again. That said, the vortex with it’s bitterly cold air is programmed to move to our north, so any northerly feed would bring bitterly cold air for the time of year!



a year ago we were bracing ourselves for the beast from the east, now its warmth.

Wet Eireann was saying that this years Stratospheric Warm did result in massive cold and snow - just not here. North America and Europe got the wallop. I think that what was unique about last year was that we had cold air blasting in from the continent which collided with a storm coming up from Portugal and so the rain that it would have normally dumped on us fell as snow.

Had to dispatch the teenagers yesterday to roll the lawns because I will have to cut the grass soon, although I will try to hold out till Paddy’s day weekend as is tradition. The grass, though, is massive. No shortage of silage this year!

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How’s the water level in the stream/river?



a constant level 5 for months now. From looking at the historical watermarks that would seem to be the norm for the past couple of years