Weather thread


Holy fùck



What climate change?


I heard on the wireless this morning that Trump tweeted, its so cold, bring back that global warming they are all talking about. What a fuppin muppet!!!


He actually said ‘waming’ … beyond words af this stage.


His bad spelling is rubbing off on you @DUB09 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Biggly! Was looking at his tweets today and yesterday … how in God’s name is this clearly ill individual in charge of the US. Then we look across the sea on our other side and see the greatest political shambles of the last 300 years. Mind blowing times. Where is Jesus when you need him …


Jayzus, talk about…


Think he meant WUMING




Sleet only here in north Dublin, possibly might get snowy here later, but away from suburbia as you head into the greener pastures, falling readily as snow, due to urban heating, this marginal event is struggling to snow in the city.

As an aside, dropped to -5.8 in Dublin airport this morning at 6am. Brrrrrr!


Snow all washed away now, pissing rain this morning.


Might return later as the precipitation starts to retreat!


Points heaters are common, in the UK they’re electrical apparently the ones in Chicago use gas.


They must use fcuking candles here with the amount of disruption when it gets a bit cold.


they dont use them at all.


snow was very patchy here today, but where it fell it fell a fair amount, so made for an interesting trip around this morning.

very cold too.


Just a quick post, busy day! This cold spell was supposed to be a pre cursor for a lengthy colder spell, and I’m astonished that the models aren’t showing it at all, in fact they are showing no high latitude blocking at all this side of the hemisphere which goes against all the background signals and drivers of our weather.

It’s not a “winters over” post just yet, but it’s a very very strange output at the moment and goes against everything I understand about weather patterns. I will give it a week or 2 to make a final call.


Thats the weather for you i suppose. especially nowadays.


Ah well, could happen to a bishop. And as as Comrade Dub09’s pal in The Diggers likes to tell Aido "You and your fcuking weather ! "


All will be revealed later today when Punxitawney Phil gives his verdict. It’s Groundhog Day!