Weather thread



What’s coming and when?


This has real potential, six days away. Could be heavy snow inland, could also be stormy. However the trend is sending the storm further south. Interesting times though…


From tomorrow remaining cold for the foreseeable future, with some snow risk on Monday night into Tuesday and again Thursday into Friday, though some contrasting model outputs surrounding Thursday with a slightly milder storm possible. I still believe we will have a deeper cold outbreak before meteorological winter ends on March 1st. Delayed now probably to week 1 of February. More over the weekend!


Any vhanc of a succinct forecast for Clones.

Cold or freezing?

Wet or dry?

Windy or mild?

Win or lose?


It’s going to feel very cold and quite windy. But mostly dry and a draw!

Now I’m off to google “vhanc”


The msm have caught up lads


Croatian midfielder. Dropped from final panel for WC2018.




Haven’t had a lot of time today to study in depth the charts, so apologies. Brief synopsis, very cold from here on out for the foreseeable with snow chances every day apart from Wednesday which looks dry and maybe bright. Highest snow chances are Thursday, with accumulation likely in various parts of the country, but more likely west Ireland. Monday night/Tuesday also in with a shout. Proper deeper cold is most likely as we enter week 1 of February onwards, but I’ll need to do a more in-depth look at the charts before I comment on that. The shift work has granted me a lot less free time to peruse these things!

In short, wrap up warm folks! It’s coming!




As long as we can get away with it on Tuesday after me over forties football training is over I can brave the rest


Nippy enough in Chicago tonight. Wind chills of -55 to -60 F expected. Poor hoors.


Doesn’t Bear thinking about.


Snow on the ground here.


Tomorrow is likely to have more widespread and heavier snow, expecting Met E to probably increase warning levels for tomorrow.

Snow since yesterday morning mostly confined to the western side of the country with parts of the north west in 6/8 inches of snow.

Longer term, very mixed signals probably a milder interlude for a while starting next week, but I’m still confident we will have a longer colder more significant cold spell, more anon


Nice amount of snow in tipp - causing the usual mayhem on the M7 between Nenagh and Birdhill - surprised the section between Roscrea and nenagh wasnt icy too.

amazing how, despite what the NRA says, the one section of the road that is well known locally for being built on the cheap just happens to have all these water/snow/ice related accidents.


31 degrees here in Sydney, cant figure out if I prefer preseason in the snow and mud or in this weather…


This IR image of Ireland taken at noon today shows the areas with lying snow. Parts of Cork, Kerry, Tipp, Limerick, Clare, Waterford. All of the north west and north midlands and Wicklow mountains.

Tomorrow’s precipitation may only fall as sleet in Dublin due to Urban heat index, as it’s quite marginal… There will be widespread snow across much of the country however.

Again, long term signals of High latitude blocks bringing a sustained period of cold/snow but not in the reliable time frame yet.


less of the bull Rochey is it going to snow in Dublin or wha ?