Weather thread




ah yeah, when brexit kicks in and ye are all starving up in the big smoke dont come looking to me to feed ya.


Long, hot and dry summers (such as last year’s) can reduce the growth of grass, also, can’t it, @dubintipp, @upthedall?


yes (and not forgetting the very cold/snow before it), but they eventually got two cuts done down here more or less when they would have expected them, albeit perhaps the amount might have been down. one way or another cutting silage in november, december and january is all sorts of bonkers.


I really have to bow to Dubintipp’s superior knowledge…!

For a second I thought you were chatting about the football during Summer. I need a coffee.

But the in-laws place looked like it was in Spain the fields were so scorched.


You think that was bad? I was going to direct you to what the pitch in Semple Stadium looked like last July, but you lot don’t even know what hurling is, so there’s not much point. :sun_with_face: :wink: :sun_with_face:


Speak for yourself, parents and grandparents all Dubs . Not an ounce of culchie blood. My kids on the other hand , mother from Clare , grandparents from Clare and limerick. They get some slagging off me…


Hmmm right. And they don’t turn around (yet) and say ‘fcuk off old man, you married Biddy Earley’ ???


Well they asked for those half and half jerseys so I threw them out …


Update for sunday for people who are walking or cycling to Clones:
Blustery and very cold in the first half of the day, with some wintery showers. Second half of the day looks like the wind will start to drop and the showers start to die away.

So probably best to put your bike on the train, in the luggage van. Make sure the door to the luggage van isn’t locked, as you may find you can’t get your bike off, and end up going on to Malin Head.


Thanks Al. Can you take your bike on the Dursey Island flying cable car if you & your bike miss the train to Malin Head?


■■■■ I was going to take my Hot Air Balloon out. I’ll have to walk now.


Self propelled no doubt … :smirk:


It’s alright as long as it’s big and you land it in the Phoenix…


I dursay you can, I’ve only ever looked at it from the headland, the rusty cables and reputation of Cork construction projects made me nervous.
It’s definitely one of their Allihies heels


It’s coming:


What is? (Is it time for Colm Meaney?)


What the hell is that?


That looks like my liver function test after Christmas.


It’s the Dublin heat map in their games against Kerry and Galway