Weather thread


Didn’t Staunton mismanage them?


The more blue and then purple the colours, the more cold. A purple penis is also not a very good thing. I wouldn’t mind an orange or yellow one…



Looks like beastly easterly is being put on hold at least. Not every bit of the very complicated jigsaw falling into place.


Good, good! :grin:


Poor hulk.


Meanwhile across the pond, Montreal will see a daytime maximum temperature some day this week of about minus 33 degrees celcius, windchill of minus 40.



** Breaking **

There is a likelihood of snow on Monday evening/night through to Tuesday morning, but not likely to stick or accumulate too much, especially away from western coasts!

Also, as Al said earlier, there is a trend away from more meaningful cold next weekend as a slight pattern change has wreaked havoc with the computerised outputs. I do however strongly believe we will have a very cold and wintery spell this winter, next window of opportunity is at month end or early February. More anon.


No change to the above post. Looking like cold will remain in place this week apart from a mild blip Thursday/Friday turning cold again for the weekend, with a similar wintery shower risk to what we’re currently experiencing, maybe a tad colder.

The turn of the month is looking most likely now for the deepest cold that has been threatening since the middle of January, but as before, too far away for certainty!

I was asked recently about why I am so confident about a deep cold spell. Well, in normal winters you’d have a 90% confidence of normal temperatures ranges with the odd northwesterly bring snow to high ground in the north west and Wicklow hills etc. The SSW that I spoke of earlier in this thread would flip those odds to the opposite end of the spectrum, I’m 90% confident we will have a lasting deep cold spell. I still am, despite the near miss for this week!



Forecast for next Sunday for the stony, grey soil of Monaghan más é do thoil é?


You mean this Sunday? Looking a bit in between significant weather events around then but somewhat uncertain still as well. Best bet is for mainly dry, pretty cold, breezy weather, chance of a shower which might be a bit wintry


Ok Pedantic Patricia. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Jesus Rochey…I thought it was only farmers that got interested in weather!

The father in law was up at the weekend saying he could get a second cut in summer the grass will be that good.

Reckon some of you Dubs are closet culchies. Don’t be afraid to come out !


What’s the definition of a Dub? A culchie 's son!


You do realize that none of us* have an iota what that even means, right?

Is your pater in law some sort of massive pot head? :thinking:

(Well except for Comrade TippDub of course. But we’ve long since lost all hope for him.)


Tut tut.

You make a first cut which is bailed for silage or haylage.

Then you let it grow some more and skim off a second cut which isn’t always as rich. It’s the surplus bails the father in law sells on.

So good weather gives you a good chance of second cut.

At least that’s what I’ve picked up from hearing her ones chat about grass!


Ah jaysus, they’re off again, and the mods delete perfectly good puns??


Always waiting in the long grass those Mods


i am indeed beyond hope.

Silage is still valuable though, despite the ability to actually cut fresh stuff - my BIL wanted a quick sale of some cattle and it was only by selling the silage he had with them that sealed the deal (its a pain in the arse ending up with two heard of cattle in the middle of the winter) but he didnt throw the silage in for free.

Grass grows when the temps are over 5c albeit slowly because of the lack of decent sunlight, so you can see how lads are cutting. Tipp County Council was out cutting all the grass in Thurles last week. Bonkers stuff.