Weather thread


Do you want it round the front or the back?


Not a huge fan of Sarah Millican but she does have a very funny line about having bought a new pair of knickers… on the front are the words “I will do anything for love” and on the back the words read “But I won’t do that!”


So, as predicted, much colder weather than our winter so far has now set in, hard frost in Dublin this morning under a slack northerly breeze. Some snow in northern counties last night and will be over the next few days, but nothing note-worthy.

The real stuff will get under way as we enter the working week next week, our winds will veer northerly again, eventually turning to an east/northeast direction with much much colder air and increased risk of snow countrywide, but especially east coast.

After that potentially resuming a northerly with even more bitter air and snow. As I said, this has probably got some longevity about it. Will update over the weekend on the likely impact (or lack of same) and the depth of cold.

As always, usual caveats apply… Mother Nature often finds a way to confound the sciences that study probable weather patterns!


Some great potential for cold, wintery weather in the next week.


Are you not basking in a nz summer ?


I’m not interested in summer weather, hardly even when it’s a rare Irish heatwave. But very wintery weather in Ireland is interesting stuff for any Irish weather nut, no matter where in the world we are!


One week away, if anything like this sort of chart was to be in real time, we’d be looking at a severe cold snap in Ireland with snow, especially in the east.


Will it be as bad as last year?

Will my job close for 3 days?

Is there another new fangled word for snow that we have to use, or is ‘graupel’ still good to go from last year?

I want all these answers on my desk within an hour. :+1:


Eh, I don’t know. I’ll hopefully be driving home from work at that time to mind my youngest, so I’ll probably be on my 75th cup of coffee, 2nd nappy, 3rd bout of peppa and struggling to stay awake. I cannot meet your deadline!

I’ll have a good look on Sat/Sun to see the likelihood of disruptive weather, from memory though, Tuesday looks snowy.


Well, that’s just not good enough. Standards were set so high last year, we have become dependant on your services 24/7. Just have them on my desk by lunch time, or you’ll be hearing from that squinty eyed wagon in HR. Again. :blush:


I missed that conversation last year as I had to look up ‘graupel’, but I’ll be using it liberally next week. :grin:


Is that not a type of German wine?


No. You’re thinking of Blue Nun.


I was kinda joking but it was very poor. I’ll get my coat!


Am I right in saying that the green penis is a bad thing?


The rain has brought temperatures up a little thankfully. Parnell should be dry for the most part. Should be a good crowd.


ummm is that showing -7?


snowed in tipp last night, the leading edge of the rain front, didnt last too long.


Generally speaking, green penis is a bad thing.


Yes, but that is upper air temperature (approx 1km up above us) it’s enough to generate heavy snow being that it’s coming in off a dry continent! It will pick up moisture off our warm seas. During the day, with no snow on the ground, it would equate to an air temp at 2 meters of about +3 degrees. One it starts to snow, temps would drop away like a stone…

As for green penis, on a weather temp map it indicates warmth. In any other walks of life, it’s gangerous and will need amputation!