Weather thread


It has been getting gradually colder since new year. Ice on the car this morning, a decent frost too.


Grand here in Dublin, I would say its just Holy God smiting on the land of the culchies :rofl:


It’s days like today that makes me appreciate living in the Deep South.
70 degrees. (21) in Irish heat. Sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. Birds are singing and the flowers don’t know what to do. A bit like our fearless leader.


But you’ll want to shoot yourself in exactly 3 months time when the Joja pollen season starts. :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face:


Slight delay on the arrival of the colder weather, somewhere in the region of the 22nd of this month as opposed to middle of month. But very confident we will have a long lasting period of very cold and wintery weather.


-23 in Athens. Hope the Greeks have enough sliced pans to see them through.


Not in Athens. In the mountains of northern Greece. Not going to last either.


Currently 21c here and sun is shining. gets cold at night though, down to 7 last night, brrrrr


Fairly mild so far in january, long may it continue.


Still on course, getting colder from middle of next week with snow potential and progressively so as we proceed into February and beyond. Will update on possible disruptive weather as we get closer to the days in question.


i keep hoping you’re going to say false alarm, really enjoying this mild january so far.



So they faked the Rebel Alliance landings on Hoth then? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



We are just tenants on this big rock floating in space
Beach on Achill Island disappears following storms


Life’s a beach


Yep, and it makes pre season slightly more enjoyable. Only slightly.


We will lose our milder weather in the week ahead with night frosts and colder days in the offing from mid week, and looking at this mornings runs, it looks like getting progressively colder with potential for snow increasing as we progress through the month. Too far off to pinpoint when, where and how much, but wintery showers are all but guaranteed. It also looks like this will be a very long lasting affair after the occurrence of the December sudden stratosphere warming.

Just a reminder, we had one of these last February and we felt the brunt of that all through March. No guarantees it will be the same, as no two events are ever exactly the same. England will face the brunt of this first and be colder/drier whereas our proximity to the Atlantic may make us less cold but snowier!

I will check in again with updates mid week at some stage.


Thanks for the early warning boss, must get some coal in


Always good to get your bag of coal.


Rhyming slang?