Weather thread


In about two weeks looks like the best chance, when people who seem to know their stuff are forecasting the various “teleconnector” etc required ducks to be in a row.


Do you read Tamara and Glacier points posts? Incredibly informative and pretty sure they are long term forecasters for multinational companies. Love GP’s posts in particular. He’s a brain box, as we used to say in school!


F**k off.

Vikings of the Fort of the Dane.


Yeh some incredible smarts on there, I don’t know how they stick it with all the loons who roll out every time there’s a sniff of a snowflake!


Interesting times ahead Rochey, it could turn out to be one of those februaries, the like of which we haven’t seen in Ireland since the mid-80s.


Been keeping a watchful eye Al…


Cold? … it’s jaysus freezin


February '86?
A very, very dry but bitterly cold month. Wind came in from Siberia via the North Sea for most of it. It was quite dull, also, a lot of the time.
The same weather two months later could well have blown in radiation from Chernobyl.


Next Tuesday looks quite notable. Watching this very closely, could be epic!


oh crap, best get the coal in!


Bit of snow lads??


Too hard to say at this range, certainly colder than it is now, and I think it’s pretty cold already!


See you next Tuesday so


At least the drying would have been good.


Snowed in D4 yesterday.


Were you out robbing gaffs again?


Yes. Wanna buy a stuffed Beagle and waxed jacket?


There’s very high pressure on this forecast… No way Ireland can compete with Europe when it comes to cold and snow, we just don’t have the resources. The funding needs to be increased


Split Europe in two?


What’s forecast for Omagh on Sat night? No funny answers please … gimme facts …