Walsh Cup 2019


Burke I think.


Mattie Kenny was adamant that it wasn’t. Was too far away to judge myself so will leave it to the three of you to work it out :blush:


A big surprise there!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think is was Burke that challenged for the dropping ball all right. Skehill won’t have been too pleased with his efforts at trying to prevent it!


Skehill is a liability


Off topic but Sunday was the first time ive seen a keeper hit the ball wide from a puck out in an intercounty match. Seen it once before in a club game down in DCU.


Yea strange one that! I had to double check with the guy sitting next to me that the keeper had actually hit it! Goes to show just how strong the wind was!


I have seen the Laois guy do it, he has unbelievable distance. First time I have seen it in Parnell though.


What is the square ball rule now? Is it you can’t be there before the ball is hit, or before the ball arrives?


The sliotar is possibly a bit too light now.


Hurling square ball rule hasn’t changed. Sliotar has to be inside first.


Ah, thanks, then to be honest the Burke goal was touch and go. He was right in near the goal line, it would have been difficult to beat the sliotar.


I see Kenny said he was taking off lads in the second half that had Fitzgibbon Cup games coming up. It puts the result in perspective a bit, they put on Joe Canning, we take off Mc Bride, O Donnell, Burke etc.


Sensible stuff. With that in mind and the dubious disalllowed scores, i’d be happy enough. More worried about some of the comments on our performance then the result but fighting back from double scores is a good sign.


The fightback was good but I suppose we shouldnt let ourselves into positions like that,Cathal Mannion was the difference for them and wasnt really stopped and i thought we had players who could have stopped him
A bit of inexperience at the end cost us but its better to happen now than in the summer


They obviously felt threatened by us that they had to bring on Canning…


That’s funny. Mad - but funny!


Hilarious alright! :grinning: But probably can’t afford the real deal with the high cost of keeping Davy Fitz! :smiling_imp:


I understand Winters got back from 6months in Australia last week and was with the squad training in Abbottstown on Saturday morning.


Good stuff.