Walsh Cup 2019


For me that is the best way of getting the best players on the field at the same time. There is a sacrifice in that we would be shaping the team to fit in Rushe, but he is probably worth it. A two man full forward line of Dillon and Schutte / Winters could do damage if supported at speed by half forwards. In the above scenario Rushe could push forward on our puckouts to create a bit of havoc - or create the extra man in the backs for the shorter ones.


Is Winters back with the squad?
Last I heard he wasn’t even back in the country? Really think he’s needed in our forwards to help make the ball stick a little better.


‘That’s three games in six days’ - Dublin concern at Fitzgibbon scheduling ahead of league opener https://the42.ie/4438770


I do like that puckout idea actually but a major problem yesterday was the breaking ball Galway were much better at reading it and gaining possession from it. To avoid this we need lads like Crummey Rushe O Donnell Barrett Hdego having brilliant games in the air


I’m surprised no-one has commented on the fact that we had a free to put is 1 pt up when Hego hit Canning. Lost us the free and handed the advantage to Galway. All we had to do was keep a cool head and take the point and we had the game won.


That was actually correct but luckily enough we won another free a couple of seconds later,it may not be season defining now but against Galway in Parnell in championship it could be crucial

We had another hitand hope shot near the end opposite the stand which was a silly shot to take on


Better that Hetherton lost his temper now than in a knock out champo game in July. He will get a slap on the wrist and will learn from it. Part of the Inter-County learning curve.


Not sure if this is typical, but in the County semi final he pulled a hurl across a players arse jogging off. If he can curb his temper he can be a serious addition to the panel. If not!!!


Hopefully he learns now that its at intercounty level,would be a serious problem if he done it in championship in a big game

When he got sent off yesterday a ball landed in the galway fullbacks hand no pressure and was allowed to clear the ball,if he hadnt of been sent off and put pressure on his clearance we may have got a score from it and won the game


I thought he was very keyed up for the whole game, he didn’t seem as relaxed on the ball as previous games. I thought he tried to impress with every ball. Understandable though for a guy that is trying to get his place.


He tried the dummy pass once or twice and they didnt come off,as for his frees they have been better so probably frustrated and then lashed out but it is a learning curve,the league is a step up,all of the 4 teams weve played so far we have to play again and it gives Hedgo another chance to impress and hopefully he takes it


Definitely not a big deal at this time of year, I’m sure he’s kicking himself now. Learn and move on:


As a one off incident it is only a small thing! Regardless of what punishment might be dished out suspension wise Matty needs to address this type of behaviour! Remember back to the All Ireland semi final v Cork and the Ryan O Dwyer incident! That red card probably cost us the game! Forget the merits of that particular card. It’s more a case of always keeping 15 on the field. Discipline is key!


Personally I don’t really get all this Learn stuff…these lads should be well "learned"at this stage of their careers and certainly they should know right from wrong.


At the end of the day really I would be happy enough with last years team plus Dillon and Boland. As it is now, as well as that, Schutte might get in there, Hetherton might push for a spot, Burke could be there, O Connell could be there and the league will throw up a surprise I am sure. So we will be stronger then last year. So all in all, I think it was a good Walsh Cup.


Over the 4 games we done really well in two,put up big scores and we were tested in the other two,pity we didnt get another game but its a learning curve

Plenty of players we havent seen yet and there are a few quality ones.Far from the finished article

Maybe it wouldve been better to have unearthed another player or two not just Hedgo but plenty of the 2017 minors got played and impressed so the future is bright


I’ll say the AvB games between all the lads will be all out war trying to get there spot on the team once fitz is out of the way. We’re slowly but surely moving forward.


Match report in the Independent yesterday of the view that disallowed goal wasn’t a square ball and should have stood. Also described the waving wide of Hedgo’s point as comical. First time he’s ever seen ball go over the black spot waved wide! Beggars belief that one.

Despite the ropey enough performance through much of the game we could & should maybe have won that. A good few positives from the game but fundamental issues remain around our touch, tactics & composure. Anyway reckon we got as much out of the Walsh Cup as we could have hoped for.


Who scored the disallowed goal?


Wouldn’t be the first time that the paper get it wrong. A clear cut square ball if ever there was one.