Walsh Cup 2019


Simply can’t afford that kind of conversion rate against top sides. But every free taker can have an off day, even someone as consistent as paul ryan can get the yips. Till now hedgo’s free taking had been pretty consistent?.


It hasn’t really been Tayto imo. His percentages would still have been low for inter county in the other games. He is a good free taker, but he isn’t a very good one. He had a good Walsh Cup, but If he is to have a regular place I don’t think it can be as free taker. But he is possibly good enough to warrant a place without free taking being taken into account.

He needs to keep the head though. If he hadn’t been sent off, the defender clearing the ball yesterday (that went out for the winning sideline) would have had another player up the field to find with the ball. He also should have left some of the longer frees to Moran.


Not sure Boland fits into the top 6 just yet, has the ability to but needs an injury-free run. Also, we need to see Schutte back and how he’s going but he should be a big addition.

Need a few of the youngsters/newcomers to really kick on, I know what you’re saying about Burke but he’s still only a chisler and he has the ability to turn & take a point that not all our forwards have. Does need to be more consistently involved though.

We need Hedgo, Winters, O’sullivan, Whitey, Conway, McGibb and/or C.Burke to make a real case for themselves, they all show glimpses of real promise but need to add consistency. If they can’t the next batch might throw up a couple of options but they probably need a bit of time, Curries, Ryans etc … where’s conroy got to?


Conroy must not be involved I guess or we would have seen him by now (unless there is an injury). Winters might be the one to come through right enough. He was ff against Galway in the league last year I think and he probably gave the full back more trouble that day then Rushe did yesterday. Rushe was ok at times, maybe the best I have seen him at FF apart from the KK game last year, but the full back won three clean balls off him and he miss-controlled a few.

I would have no fear at all of Boland to be honest. He has been head and shoulders above the majority in the Walsh Cup. He will probably be midfield though.

Whitely has been good to date. He will be close.

O Sullivan not really seen at all for some reason? Might have been a sub one day.


Is it worth sticking with Rushe at FF for the league? Maybe another few games but i have my doubts. Sure he can be effective but he’s a bit of a blunt instrument in there currently and he doesn’t seem to get many scores (slow on the turn not ideal for that position really). not sure that will change anytime soon, so unless we learn to make runs around him or something. I’d give it a few more games but if it’s not going to work then we need to be giving someone else a run before the end of the league.


He isn’t on the panel as far as I’m aware.


I just feel it’s been tried and tried and tried and just because ‘we’ like Gilroy or Mattie it’s not as bad as when that Cork person tried it…! Against KK last year it did work but once in 8/9 games working there’s a lesson. It’s not going to work long term. Yes it’s a wrecking ball but nothing more. Only my opinion.


I never had an issue with GC trying it TBH. My issue with him was how he alienated so many of our best players at the time.

Tend to agree that it has been tried and it’s a blunt instrument but as dubcat says we don’t have huge number of options in the forwards right now, especially with those that seem to be missing through injury, so now is probably the time to be trying it again.


Just on the Liam Rushe discussion. Granted he’s seen as a blunt instrument etc. But for me, he’s an old-school full forward, when he gets the ball into him it sticks, and he is possibly one of our only forward who is direct when he gets the ball.
A lot of our goals last year in Champo came from ball that he either won or gave off to oncoming players. He’s a handful for FB’s to deal with, which is needed, we have some of the fastest forwards (IMO) at this level, and they need a leader in there to dictate the play for them. No disrespect to either Liam & Keaney,but, they only have a few years left. But, if used well, I can see Hedgo & Boland learning a lot from them, with a view to replacing them in time.


Was very impressed with Boland in the minutes he did get during the Walsh cup,hes an excellent hurler and if hes injury free hes too good to leave off,would be a great addition

Whitely had his moments over the last couple of games,a few really good scores and is it just me or has he put on size,arms looked a lot bigger yesterday?

Malone was also good when he played,both him and Boland can play in the forwards so there is competition between them and the other midfielders

Thought McBride got on a good amount of ball yesterday,Parnell is a tight pitch and hard to pick out a runner but I thought he done well and was good last year

Theres also Sean Treacy who Mattie would obviously know very well


Agree with this,Boland at centre forward injury free when Keaney goes would be worth a shot,and i could see
Hedgo as a long term option at FF so hopefully he kicks on


What age is Hedgo at this stage?




Thanks Alan, That’s about what I would have guessed.


Does it stick enough though? Could it stick more with Winters. Winters turned the Galway championship game last year.

The other side of the debate I guess is that Rushe is superb as a defender - are we losing out there.

Like @tayto I thought it was a good idea for Cunningham and Gilroy to try. But I am not sure it works enough of the time. But I assume there are stats that tell the facts better then just looking on from the stand - so maybe it actually is working.


I think for Rushe to be in the backs a similar system has to be played from yesterday against Galway
There were 4 half backs on the pitch Connolly Crummey Barrett Moran
McGibb went midfield for the 2nd half
Could a half back line of Crummey Rushe Barrett work with Moran sweeping in behind,it might cancel out Rusheys lack of turning speed and it would be proven as weve seen 3 of those half backs last year and we know what Rushe can do back there
This would create a 2 man inside FF line and give Trollier loads of space to run into and take on defenders


Rushe wont work outside of tight parnell park.


As I said before, it’s great to have these discussions. I don’t think we’ll have a set midfield or forward line going into Champo, IMO I think it will be dependent on who we’re facing.


Likewise with O Donnell going midfield or half back to mark TJ Reid or Lee Chin


Rushie went in on top of JJ a few years ago in the Leinster championship. He never touched the ball. Mind you, JJ was never beaten by anyone. I don’t think it would work against Daithi Burke, Padraig Walsh or Wexford (due to sweeper). Nothing wrong with a target man in there for 10 minutes, once he can do other things as well i.e. once he is a forward that can score. Rush isn’t.