Walsh Cup 2019


on the ref lads, maybe somebody can clear this up (and it happens in the football too). you can run 5 or 6 steps with the ball in hand before you need to solo, hop or stick it on the bos of the hurl. you can only be called for over-carrying if you take too many steps with the ball in hand. a few times today the ref blew and started spinning his hands to indicate over-carrying eventhough there was clearly no foul. just cause there’s fellas swinging out of you and you’re not getting a nice stylish run together does not mean you have over-carried afaik. seemed to be making this up off top of his head. the ball was on the ground for the one at the end when he gave dublin a ridiculous free which we scored from.


Funny what the headline says. The galway “supporters” around me thought it was Cooney.


22 in the programme was Cooney but changed to Canning


I know…seemed to be lost on them though.


As with Donal Burke he wasnt great today nor was he great in a couple of the other games but he deserves more chances,he is a very talented player and remember this is a fella who didnt play in the summer last year so maybe hes adjusting to the intercounty scene again

Hes one of our best young talents and maybe summer hurling suits him better,maybe even running off Rushey when he catches it and be there for the handpass
Obviously its very early days but with Trollier and Schutte back he needs to take every chance he gets but has potential to be a very good hurler as we seen in 2017


Canning was warming up in front of us so could clearly see it was him going on. To be fair to people elsewhere he came on wearing 22 which was supposed to be Cooneys number and also wearing blue helmet. Always wears red helmet.

Even poor John Mullane commentating on rte 1 thought it was Cooney!! :upside_down_face:


As of now, I think our best six forwards are Sutcliffe, Keaney, Boland, Dillon, Ryan, Schutte. I think there are enough scores in that. I am assuming Schutte will be near what he was.

Hedgo, Burke, Treacey, Whitley and McGibb could all fit in. But only one at a time.

I do think Conor Burke is well able for it, but it seems based on the game time handed out in the Walsh Cup, he will have to wait a year.


Agree with Boland staying injury free,hes a great player and weve seen that when he plays
As for the forwards,thery have to be alert when the ball comes near Rushey in the air hes always willing to give the ball of so they need to be in the right place to finish the ball


Definitely could see Hedgo in the mix for the front 6 as with McGibb

McGibb running at pace off players could pose problems as could Hedgo and his physical presence


McGibb maybe needs bigger pitches I think, I thought it didn’t happen at all for him today. Hedgo definitely has it in him, but seemed to lose his cool today a bit (even before sending off).

But there is a lot of hurling to do yet!


Exactly a whole 6 games in the league varying in difficulty,pity we couldnt have got another game under our belt but thats the way it is,all eyes lead to the 26th

Just a thought,is parnell park a bit too tight at times,it obviously was a fortress for us over a few years and worked for us last year but i really noticed today that the ball spends some amount of time over the sideline,might just be me


I would not blame the ref today, we had loads of opportunities as we hit the post Twice, we had a goal disallowed, had some poor shot options including going for goal from the 21 yard free. If we are going to beat the top teams we will have to learn how to finish out and win games, it is a learning curve, only Jan. I don’t think KK are too bothered this evening.
It will take a while for new Mgt team to get their game plan across to lads, Good to see Daragh O Connell back.


Agree with that,we shouldnt have had to question the ref,yeah we were poor but the ref cant control poor decision making,poor shooting,poor discipline,poor reading of the breaking ball, if they were better today we wouldve one.Ultimately we lost to a bit of Joe Canning magic today from a sideline,but it shouldnt have come to that


I actually didn’t see any issues with the ref to be honest. Sure, I didn’t see the reason for every free - but just because I didn’t see it doesn’t mean nothing happened.


Actually sideline would never have come about at the end if we’d held our composure after great bit of defending to stop Galway player bursting throug. When ball broke to not sure which Dublin player near end line he rushed his clearance and mishit it over the sideline. Ball should have been cleared down the field. Another bit of learning from today.


Think it was Crummy actually from my angle but maybe wrong

I suppose it is a difficult thing to do on the run under pressure probably on your weaker side that close to the sideline but even if there was distance on the strike there was no Dublin player ready to receive it,it wouldve went to another Galway lad and more than likely straight over the bar

Cant remember who it was but we had a chance near the end the opposite side of the stand that went wide very poor shot selection there


The very fact that the cut was nailed in the manner it was! Should have alerted them to the fact it had to be Canning! Outstanding sideline cut!


Wasn’t easy alright and was off his left side. Where he hit over sideline couldn’t have been more perfect position for Canning. Sitting right behind where he hit. Was phenomenal cut into the wind.

Yeah we had chance down the far end after. Was out on the sideline close to 14m line I think. Think shot was just hit and hope at that point.


We had a heap of chances during the game to score a few more points. Probably four handy frees missed and even the disallowed goal should have been a handy enough point.

But so what really, it’s the Walsh Cup, it’s there to find out what guys can do and can’t do.


Exactly but the same problems once again with regards missed frees and shots.The KIlkenny game last year was one where this was shown,wides against wexford the next day out again.

Obviously its the Walsh cup were not the finished product but we need to iron out these problems