Walsh Cup 2019


He is also only 20 years of age.


I could well be, I am not denying it. And they were two excellent points. But he probably only handled the ball four other times.


Corner Forward can be a bitch of a position! I think he is a real classy forward with all the skills just lacking a little strength at the moment.



This is what needs to change for Rushe at FF to work. He won some great ball today coming out facing our goal, but there was never anyone coming to meet him head on to take the ball at pace or even waiting further out in space for a ball back. Maybe Mattie has a plan there too. Rushe is not overly greedy, so would have no problem playing a role as ball winner and distributor, and I think with a few tactical tweaks it could work.


Re Hedgo, he really produced a mixed bag today. His fielding was good but he doesn’t use the ball well enough. For his size he really doesn’t bully his way through the opposition. Direct running at them instead of silly tipping the ball would hurt them more. His free taking was also well below average for this level. Hit 4 or 5 wides and that’s not good enough. The attempt at goal - he was clearly instructed to go for a goal by the runner coming into him - was shockingly poor. I understood the notion that a goal was required but surely we should have a more private way of delivering a message? There was no sense in telling Galway what was going to happen.


On the game today. I think most has been said.
Was it just me or did Hedgo look a bit out of sorts from the start? He did some pretty mad things. 2 easy frees missed (1 very wide), poorly struck peno, the sending off, twice tried to fake a strike and flick it back to himself (messed up both times). Also thought he was limping at times in the second half.
Now, I’m not criticizing the fella. He did do some good things today too. I like him as a hurler and his striking of the ball is generally second to none.


I think it just didn’t happen for him. The two dummies he tried that you mention just didn’t work and might have put him off a bit. For all his talents he isn’t an inter county standard free taker, but he was the best we had on the field. Although I thought Moran should have hit the further out ones.

I would have put money on him scoring the free where he went for goal, he does have that in his locker, but it didn’t work out.

I suspect it was just a big game for him and he tried too hard. He did some good stuff though. He needs to go for the ball with more conviction though.


Clear square ball.


Thought at times Dublin seemed to look tired. Often found themselves a yard off their man. Could well be down to heavy training programme. Good 2nd half effort in fairness. Referee was poor enough. And very bad call by umpire for an obvious Dublin point. The less said about Hedgo’s red card the better. Brain dead stuff!


I think it been good so far with new mgt. Walsh cup gave lads a chance to impress. Going forward, Boland needs to avoid injury. Don’t think he’s gone through a season fit. Liam rushe is a battering ram no more. Needs players to feed off him. Out of 6 forwards, Dublin have 3 scoring forwards. Dillon, keaney and Ryan. Other 3 are not going to score more than a point or two. They need to learn to stop the backs and increase work rate.


On the other time we put the ball in the net, it seemed to me that the ref didn’t allow the advantage for too long.


This may be a faux pas on here and I personally have suffered his brilliance but if Trollier had two sides he would be in the top 6 forwards in the country. He is our main goal threat but could be so more clinical



He didnt allow an advantage at all the pox


Liam Rushe was the pick of the Dublin forwards?

Now that is just lazy reporting


This is same referee who signaled and blew for a point for Galway as ball landed into Nolan’s hands well short of the goal. He got decisions wrong whole way through the game with, not surprisingly, most being against us.

Same as last night this standard of officiating outside of top 2/3 referees is utterly dire.


It is quite remarkable. Every year you think we have reached rock bottom with some of the officials and yet the following year is worse.

To me you have to be vicious.

A performance like that today should see you dropped immediately and forever from the inter county panel. It is simply not good enough.





I have a lot of sympathy for football refs. Having to contend with 5 new rules is madness. Clear wides given as scores and vice versa is however unforgivable.

The GAA also have a bad habit of standing by poor refs. While I don’t expect them to throw refs under a bus there has to be consequences.