Walsh Cup 2019


The best on the team today, but I think Sutcliffe is maybe better. It’s difficult to define ‘best’ though.


Any idea what the story is with Sutcliffe?


Would absolutely agree with the above post. Look at Clare and Limerick today, Clare scored 33 points. I know there were 2 periods of extra time, but the point taking from both sides, mostly from long range was top class. This is an area we need to improve on big time, because at the moment we don’t have enough players around the field that can put the ball over the bar while being pressurized


I think we vastly overrate what we have here sometimes.


Would agree with every word of that.



It’ll be interesting to see what happens if Kenny starts playing young fellas to try and unearth some decent forwards. Cunningham was nearly hung from a lamppost for this.


Interesting… I can see how if it did work it would be fabulous. But for me, it’s not just the mobility thing, I also don’t think his touch is good enough for there. He turned over some horrible ball today.

But conversely to that, I like brave decisions and not going for the easy options, so we will see. If they want it to work though, they need to be working hard at it. He needs to work on mobility and touch and the team need to work on the type of ball in.


Where do we think today leaves Hedgo? Will he miss league time for the sending off?

Don’t know the guy to say if it was out of character or not but the last thing he wants is a reputation for this kind of thing. IC backs will target him every game To try rile him. Winters hasn’t played in awhile for us but he picked up a few red cards when he was. Can’t afford that at the standard Dublin are trying to get to.


Totally disagree. No one here has said we are going to win an All Ireland.

Cunningham played Tipperary with three guys just finished minor. He deserved any stick he got.

As regards ‘unearth decent forwards’, Sutcliffe, Ryan, Keaney, Dillon, Treacey, Boland, Whitely etc are already unearthed and are more then decent.


Agreed he needs alot of work, as does the ball in and players around him reading whats going to happen. When he doesnt win it the full back isnt coming out to handy, which is alot more than can be said for the majority of our forwards today. Time will tell


Decent size crowd in the nell today.

Was surprised by Galways sharpness, our maybe our lack of it after 3 games…Well documented Hedgo hit a point that wasnt given but he also hit 4 bad wides plus the one he went for goal from.

Our midfield was well out of sorts today and our half forwards didnt win a jot of our puckouts. Against a team like Galway that cant happen. Also at times today we overcarried ball took itt into tackles we didnt need to take it in to and lost possession.

Yet with all thar and being 1 down at one stage we only lost out to a Joe Canning special.

I really think we will have a good year when it gets down to the seriius business


I didn’t say that either.


Its January the 13th i think a little perspective is needed. We have 5 months to get into championship mode. Kenny is experimenting and im happy to see how many young lads have gotten game time in the Walsh cup with more to do so in the league. We dont produce the silky forwards most of the top counties do…its obvious but we have a very good first 15 provided we get all on the pitch. No need to be rushing lads back…as long as we are competitive this time of year and we are blooding a few young lads im relatively happy. Lets not forget how last year went… up until a decent run in championship.


No doubt they are more then decent. Keaney is the best player I’ve seen play for Dublin.
At the same time, how many of them would get for argument sake into the Galway team at present. I’d struggle to make an argument for any of them really at the moment (granted Galway are the second best team in the country).
Obviously really hope I’m proven wrong but at present we are the second weakest team in the championship so have to try and improve our standing from that for the season.
Still think a Leinster final is realistic goal all going well and a few of the forwards can kick on.


The forwards have been a huge problem for years, not just today but on many occasions over the past number of years. The ref was abysmal today and the umpires,but we didnt help ourselves at all, we were poor and no ball stuck in the forwards apart from some very nice fielding from Hedgo and Rushe
Donal Burke was poor today apart from one good score over the shoulder,trollier once again shows why hes our best inside forward,maybe he needs to take his man on like he used to but hes well able to take his point
As for the Galway team,they were decent for who they had out,Mannion superb but we still shouldnt have got ourselves into the situation at the end we should have played better and had them out of sight

Class from Canning today at the end but bad discipline from Hedgo but he most certainly deserves another go as i was impressed with him over the last 4 games


one thing i forgot to mention was how obvious it was that galway are a top team because they were very good at the cheating. i think dublin got through for a half chance on goal 3 times in the game and each time they were deliberately hauled down. i was amazed the ref only gave one yellow for all 3 of these. on one occasion i nearly blurted out “black card” and i right beside the dublin dugout:rofl::rofl: thank f88k i managed to control myself just in time.


I don’t like being critical of a player, and I suspect the issue is that I am missing it more then the guy not performing, but I dont see what all the managers have seen in Burke. I appreciate it’s unlikely that Cunningham, Gilroy and now Kenny are wrong and I am right, but for the life of me I can’t see why he is being considered a first teamer.

I was at the U21 club final a few weeks ago and I thought he was only about the third best on the Na Fianna team and a long way behind Conor Burke who was playing also.

I see that when he gets out in front, he has a remarkable talent to turn and score. And he was a very good minor. But his average touches per game seems to be about 5. I watched him for a half last year in a league game and he touched the ball once.

But… other people have told me he is the real deal. I just don’t see it at all, but I am open to contradiction on it.


We did similar in second half. Moran tried to trip a Galway attacker up, failed and then O’Donnell managed to do it. Was actually on a yellow but easily could have got another one then.


What’s Paul Ryan’s situation at the moment. He’s a class act on his day. Surely he has something to offer our forward line still


He got 2 points from play today and a harshly disallowed goal. He wasn’t great but he was ok. I think you re being harsh on him