Walsh Cup 2019


Hedgo off for head butting joe canning!!

Back to one and free to level


Galway with a sideline cut from cooney, Galway 1 up


The clear point we didn’t get … crazy


Game over one point loss. Sounds like we’ve serious work to do in the forwards still.


Clear point not given, but we should have won it anyways. Lots of missed frees, hedgo going for goal with one that should’ve been tapped over. As usual, Galway supporters foaming at the mouth making a show of themselves.

Standard of refereeing is so so poor, the ref nearly blew for a Galway point when it had dropped into Nolans hand.


They won’t be the forwards though. Dillon the only one I would thing is a definite. Rushe is two poor things for every good thing, I don’t think that’s a workable ratio in the long term. Burke will get you a good point in a bit of space, but he won’t do much else. Jury out on Hedgo still, he made a heap of bad decisions today. McGibb had his worst day that I have seen, he is better then that. Whitely did well.

As of yet I have only seen Dillon that would get into last years forwards. Boland maybe if they don’t need him at midfield.

We will have a decent team - but that wasn’t it.


Despite the embarrassing officiating, and it was an embarrassment, we can only blame ourselves. The mistake count was off the charts. Line showed Galway far too much respect in the first half. Playing a sweeper, or two at times, against a breeze that strong was crazy. Man on man was the way to go.

A lot of work to do and I suspect some playing today won’t be near the team in June. Forwards again the problem. Rushe and Donal Burke were all but anonymous as was McGib. Backs were good overall, Moran in particular, but Cathal Mannion had the freedom of the park and was never properly stopped.

The game in Galway should be good.


Long way to go. Only disappointment would be we have more work done at this stage of the season than Galway. We would have a better team today on paper than Galway and we were playing at home with momentum and a strong wind going into the final stages, but couldnt seal the deal. Our first touch was poor and thats the area that need addressing most this season. Its the difference between turning no chance into a half chance, a half chance into a full chance and getting away from your man or being tied up and forced into an error. It is THE most important element in hurling and it’s been neglected by most counties for decades. Thats why Kilkenny, Cork and tipp have won what they’ve have in history… All skill. The great Offaly teams are revered for their… skill. The ability to be skillful under pressure should be the holy grail of any serious player. Think of any great forward over the last 20 years. The one thing that make them stand out… sublime skill…


Think Rushe has an awful lot of work to do to stay in this team, offering very little


Fair point, but if these guys want to be options and force their way into the reckoning come summer then it sounds like they’ve a fair Bit to do. Not enough of them popping up in the scoring often enough. Which would be fine if one or two are winning ball all over the shop but it doesn’t sound like they’re all doing that. Still early days, good fight to stay in the game and nearly get the draw.


Most disappointing aspect for me was the amount of breaking ball Galway won. Must have been over 90%. And the amount of space the Galway players were given in the first half was criminal. It was like players did not know who they were to mark.

In saying that Dublin only lost by a point despite playing very poor. I’d take that as a positive. Can’t comment on the disallowed goal as I was down the opposite end of the pitch but Hedgo got a point that was somehow waved wide, and that was ultimately the main difference. We are a work in progress so lots of things to work on based on the game today.

Agree with negative comments about ref. Very inconsistent. First intercounty game I recall a referee giving a point to a team when the ball was still in play


Lack of work rate around the middle was alarming I thought, this or else lads didnt know their job.


don’t know much about hurling cos i never played and only decided last year that I couldn’t look at inter-county football anymore but here are my observations from what I saw in the nell today. the scoreline flattered us and galway looked like they were only going at half a lick for much of it. they were better in nearly every aspect of the game including using the wind, passing, dirty ball, FIRST TOUCH, frees, puck-outs, turnovers and primary possession. we went through a few patches where we competed well in the air but overall i think they shaded this too. i wouldn’t be familiar enough to recognise most of the players with the helmets on but some on both teams seemed to have the oddest of builds. maybe i’m conditioned by football but i thought we were lacking when it came to bursting through a bit of close attention. there were positives but i was surprised by the gap between the sides even if the score didn’t show it. hedgo is the big 11 i assume and his power alone will surely make him part of the summer. there was some class fielding from our lads in the middle too but i wouldn’t know the players. really, if my uneducated eye had to pick something out to work on, i’d say our use of hard won possession. a few times players made great takes and ended up on their knees trying to off-load to the runner but the handpass or catch (not sure which) was fractionally off and the ball was lost. 2 of their points that i can think of came straight from this.


I wasnt at the game but reading the coments on here dublin need forwards.have said many times rushe is no forward but surely is good enough for the backs.not 1 dublin forward would get in a all star forward line or even get a mention.there in lies the problem IM O.just in from wexford and we didnt have 1 on show in our forward line today eithier.wex deserved to win(but god I hate sweepers especially in january.like the dark mornings depressing.


I wouldn’t agree at all re the forwards. Sutcliffe is definitely All Star quality, Keaney is still a serious player, Mark Schutte is to come back and he had an All Star nomination in the past, likewise Paul Ryan who had a great year last year. Young Currie still has to make an appearance, he made the u21 team of the year last year I think. Dillon is quality in any company. Treacy likewise is very decent. Whitely did very well last year against the top teams. Also, because of our midfield options, one of McBride or Boland will become a forward probably.

So I don’t think we can base a lot of judgements on a Walsh Cup game in January with half a team.

I think some guys didn’t do themselves any favours during the Walsh Cup, but I think that’s as important a thing to find out as much as who the strong guys are.


On Rushe… I get why he is played in the forwards. About three times per game it works. If one of those three times results in a goal, it could work long term. Also, the full back doesn’t get to waltz out with the ball. He has a unique set of skills.

But, for me it doesn’t work enough. I think we have better options. In a simple like for like, I think Winters is better in that type of role. Schutte should be good as a ff with his height, but it’s not his type of game. Hedgo is maybe better in there also. I think Conor Burke actually could be worth a shot. But Rushe is struggling there and I think as an experiment it should end.

I would have Rushe at CHB and, May the lord strike me down for using the word, but I would use Moran as a sweeper.


Three players stood out for me today from Dublin Moran crummy and Dillion the rest need to up it we wore cleaned out in midfield in the first half, Gannon in corner back done well also still has a lot to learn. Just didn’t get why Nolan didn’t use the wind to his advantage in the second half with his puck outs specially with Liam full forward he won a lot of dirty ball but failed to make use of it. I’d have a have back line of crummy Seán Moran and Liam rushe. Troller was very good today but we failed to use him in the second half with his direct hurling and quality ball into him. We upped the temo in the second half take the positives from that work or the negatives and onto the next day out now in the national league. Cathal mannion was immense today for Galway man of the match by far.


In fairness. I think to be beating any of the big teams these days you need to be hitting 20 points (excluding goals) just looking at how scoring trends have increased.
I can’t remember the last time we managed to hit that.
Hopefully come sumner time we will be getting a forward unit together to be hitting that score.
Not quite sure we have them all to be honest.


Crummey is our best player by a mile in my eyes


I’d give Rushe the league in FF I think. If it hasnt worked then fair enough, but I dont think its a million miles off working. I certainly wouldnt be changing the half back line from last year. It was up there with the best in the country.