Walsh Cup 2019


They had a big wind, so it’s not over yet. But we need more intensity and concentration. They have scored two points by passing line balls to free men. Rushe having a bit of an impact. Trollier has the beating of his man.

One or two lads off the pace touchwise. It will be interesting to see if they come out after ht.

But too many mistakes by our guys.


The ball wont stick in the forwards at all impressed with connolly actually McBride aswell Moran also.Rushe is brilliant in the air and trollier is our best inside forward
Very impressed with galway their scores come a lot easier


We are against a strong wind. FF line has to come out really.



Yeh agree, it’s not like they were coming out that far either, we were just playing extra bodies in the half forward line. Difficult to hit the full forward line in this wind.



Hon Dublin


Brain dead stuff. Short pick outs with a gale behind us. Absolutely crazy.


0-18 to 0-09. Were all over the shop!!


Who came off for Treacy


Dublin just had shot more or less went over black spot and waved wide. WTF!


More disgraceful officiating. Clear as day point waved wide for dublin. Followed by a free in for Galway that should have been a free out.

GAA’s failure to sort this out is shocking.


When people pay money into games they have a right to expect better than blind gobshites being brought in by incompetent referees to umpire.


Just beyond belief. Probably the worst decision I’ve ever seen.



2 point game





1 point game


O’rorke with another free … it’s over! Drawn game!