Walsh Cup 2019


Borrowed this off the lad sitting beside me.


Crummy starts


Loving your optimism, you know we struggled to beat laois last week yea? :grin:


0-3 to 0-2 down. Coming into it after bit of a ropey start.


Burke with the other score


On the radio anywhere? Whats the wind/weather like?


Playing against strong breeze in first half.


3 points down




0-9 to 0-4 down. Not taking our chances & taking too much out of the ball. Have hit the post twice and missed free in front of posts of 45. Game getting away from us.


Simple turnovers and fouls killing us. Wind won’t help with that. 9-4 with 25 mins gone.


9-4 after 24 minutes


What’s also killing us is not being able to win a ball in the forwards, to keep a ball in the forwards or to score from play! Every ball goes straight back into our backs who have to foul to keep out goals!


Trollier looking v dangerous when he gets the ball but taken the wrong option couple of times.

0-13 to 0-07 down. Half back line struggling



Cathal mannion has 0-06

Hedgo with a free


John Mullane not impressed with our one man FF line


HT 0-15 to 0-07 down. Poor half by Dublin.


Poor stuff. Frees keeping us in it just about. Forward line non exsistent apart from rushe and dillon. A pass from McGibb there from corner back out over the oppesite sideline just about sums it up


He’s right. It’s been a disaster.