Walsh Cup 2019


Hmm, not the strongest to be sending out against Galway, although I know his options are limited. Only three of the regular backs, I would be happier if Crummy was in there.

Burke starting every game, but hasn’t done a whole lot yet. I would prefer to see Conor Burke in there. With everyone thing else, we dont really know who is available or not.


Fair few injuries alright, not the worst team but theres probably 11 lads there who have a good shot of making our championship 15


Is crummy injured?


There might even be more then 11 who have a shot at it, but they would fit in around a spine of Sutcliffe, Keaney, O Callaghan, Crummy etc. without that spine against a top team I would be worried. But they might not be strong either.

Our three best u21s last year were probably Conor Burke, the older Currie and Paul Crummy, I would like to see them get a chance as they are potential game changers. Currie and Crummy (Paul) must have some injury or something as they haven’t featured at all.


Must be something, he only came on as a sub last week.


Think he’s just having a good look at Tom Connolly, we all know what crummy can bring if required.


My thoughts too. Walsh cup most likely used as a chance to make the league starting 15 for a lot of lads there.



Decent enough subs bench named there!


There will be a few changes to that starting 15 before throw in I’d say.


To he fair although I’d rather see Crummy out to bring the physical game to Galway if he’s not right then leave him off. Bigger days ahead in the summer.


Im not too sure about him being injured,if he was then i dont think he would be even on the bench,he would most certainly bring it to Galway with his physicality but would rather see him rested



Only 5 players that played in all Ireland final for Galway.


I think if we can find 2/3 goals we could win this by a couple of points.


Yeah looking at that lineup you’d expect we will win by 5/6 minimum especially in Parnell.


5 more then us :grinning:



Interesting team. Definitely beatable, but now I’ve said that we’ll probably lose by ten !

Bleahane is interesting at half forward. He’s a giant of a young fella height wise. Grealish too, excellent underage player.


Thankfully we’ve greatly reduced the amount of cones in the warm up. It always annoyed me, for no logical reason, when we’d have 50 cones out.


Hayes and darren Kelly added to the bench lee Gannon starts with joe canning named on galway bench