Walsh Cup 2019


David Treacy talking about Mattie Kenny being competitive and the Walsh Cup


Hogan stand lifted quotes from here;



Interesting thing at the end of your article there @Tayto
It says penalty shoot out if the game finishes level
Similar to mayo vs leitrim the other day


Yep it’s straight to a shootout after 70 minutes. Pity they didn’t do that in ‘91 - would’ve saved a load of money, anguish and fingernails.


Galway down 11 players from the all Ireland. We should really be looking to win this one


Exactly @Ground_hurler the three games extra will help us i reckon


We’re down a few ourselves. Any sign of a team being named has been quite early up til now.


Usually the team is released the day before, so probably tomorrow afternoon if youre going by the last 2 sunday games that weve already had


Wasit, thought it had been earlier!


Usually the Friday evening after training?


@LucanHill16 is correct, for the last few games it has been the day before. Last year it was earlier right enough.


Our injury list is a lot bigger than i thought it would be


There is nothing hugely worrying in it though, most of it seems to be guys recovering for the season ahead. Although I would have preferred some specific info on Boland. It is never good when they are vague on stuff.

Maybe the best thing Gilroy did was to get guys fit for the year ahead last year. Come last May we didn’t have a lot of injuries, so hopefully it will be the same again.


to be fair the article is only really written on what tracy said and stuff from just after Cian limped off, i’d imagine they have a much better idea whats going on with Cian now.


Would be good to know what Boland done as his injury problems are a disaster,could see him in midfield for the year if he stays injury and provided this one isnt too bad

As long as these guys are match fit come May im not too fussed but would be nice to get another look at schutte and o connell as they havent featured yet


Virtually al of Bolands previous problem were the one thing though, which seems to now be sorted. it’s better that this is something new like a hamstring tweak rather then the old issue back, so hopefully that’s what it is.


Still no team?


Good point, and it was that Pateller Tendonitis thing I think, which is an inflammation type issue - not something that comes quickly during a game.



So apparently Fergal Whitely has switched clubs :rofl:
Very little changes at all really, same back line and Nolan still in goal midfield gets a bit of a shuffle which is good to see our strength in depth