Walsh Cup 2019


At the risk of sounding pre historic this topic in my opinion is where hurling and football take separate routes. Of course there is a huge element of S & C in both but it’s far more evident in football. If you take hours upon hours away from juveniles to work on S & C then their hurling is going to suffer. A similar agument can be made to a footballers development but in my own opinion young lads would be far better off improving their skills in those vital years. Finding the balance between fitness and the skills is obviously the key.


I agree that it would be better for lads to focus on the skills of the game rather than gym work
Something like catching a high ball is a huge skill that not many people have, obviously a little S&C might help with it but it is a huge skill to have
Nothing worse for me as a slow corner back than marking a very pacey corner forward and i think some of this is lost through gym work at an early age



Maybe some of the lads involved with under age coaching could correct me on this - but I thought it became evident for a few years the Dublin under age players were being thought a technique to take the ball down with the hurl and have the other hand waiting on it. We seemed to be doing it more then other counties (or maybe it was my imagination!). It’s a very hit and miss thing imo.


Theres a time and a place for that method but catching the ball and gaining primary possession is a huge skill to have and in a game where things are done at such high speeds little things like catching the ball go a long way


No yiur spot on. Can understand it in a group where chance of clean catches are lower but our lads always at it rarely go up to catch the ball


I think one of the biggest problems is actually technique being used in Gym, a lot of what we do is around proper technique,so, when lads start on weights etc. at least they know how to lift them properly. It’s certainly not being thought by the Gym Instructors/Guru’s that I’ve seen…


Lads hill 16 saying Galway game is 7? Thought it was 2?


It says 2 on the fixture schedule


Technique is a huge part of it
No harm teaching it from a young age


Clearly the diets didnt work


Sometimes the problem is in the perception, my lads been on development squads since he was 14 and allways had a gym program, the number one feature until he hit 17 was core work , the Dublin coaches could not stress enough that the work they were doing instead of calling it SC it was in reality injury prevention work, only upon hitting 17 were weights brought in on a gradual basis , now from a club perspective as soon as a lad is given access to club gym they immediately head for in appropriate weights and rarely buy into injury prevention core exercises , can hardly get them away from the mirrors


Core work will stand to you for sure.


Surely any club with an ounce of sense will no let a16/17 year old in the door of their gym?! I doubt they’re insured for a start.


They must be insured because it does happen


Just because it happens doesn’t necessarily mean they are covered. I’d check any policy very carefully.


16 and 17 year olds should be fine especially 17 year olds just starting minor as there is a step up physically
Its the lads younger than that that are the problem i think


the football is 7 on the Saturday I think.


Lol my subtle misdirection worked.

The lads on the diets played out an epic match :wink:

Our ladys suffered from lads doing too well in the leaving last year.