Walsh Cup 2019


not the first year I’ve heard this, and different schools too.


Harty Cup is taken very seriously in Munster.


yeah i wasnt really aware of how seriously though, i know lads shipping fairly serous injuries and they are teenagers, cant see them playing past 25 at senior level. there are some evil bastards in tipp clubs who have their eye on them already.


Then that leads to players giving up something needs to be done about it too much training for these young lads they deserve a life too


Ridiculous stuff, if they go the rugby route by pushing school age players too hard they’ll face the same drop out rate as rugby after school.


100% agree, and in my mind it is nothing about the players, its all about the schools. in grand GAA tradition of course ex-players come back as teachers to coach the students living off their own glory days of being teenagers who won a harty and the odd minor or Under 21. No matter how utterly fucking useless they are at teaching, of course.


Something needs to be done at the top level of the GAA no point in one county doing it because theyll fall behind the rest of the pack, think it catches up to us at senior level with injuries as we play both from a young age


Then again no harm for young lads to learn about nutrition and diet etc at an early age, but diet plans and training over Christmas is silly stuff.

The eulogy of a relation, when he was coaching the u14s and talking to them about diet & fitness his mentor said “you know, they’d take this lecture about fitness a lot more seriously if you took the cigarette out of your mouth” :joy:


but sure it is - in an armature game we talk about how players are over the hill at 30.

i can understand it in professional sports to a degree, and i understand that GAA can suffer as lads get married, have kidsd and jobs change and all that, but as a part timer you shouldn’t be regarded as over the hill at 30.


GAA is a professional game run by amateurs as they say
A lot of lads do give up as a result of family commitments in their early 30s
Wonder will the GAA ever go professional?


No. It won’t. Next. :grimacing::joy:


I’m all for introducing S & C, Diet & Nutrition etc. at an early age but, purely to get the lads thinking about it, and preparing themselves for this mindset, as they will start doing it a lot more when they progress into Senior Teams and at County Level.

But it has to be designed and relative to their Age Group! I spoke to Philly McMahon about introducing lads to training plans & Gym plans, and as he said at the time, lads shouldn’t be going near weights etc. until at least 16 yrs. Yes, S & C no problem when looking to work on speed, core etc.
It’s crazy seeing the sort of things going on in Tipp School,but, I’ve seen it at Féile level here in Dublin in the past with Clubs bringing lads away on Training weekends abroad, and pumping huge amounts into it.


The rot started in third level colleges and is seeping down into second level. If the GAA does not take a stand (and it won’t), it will be too late.


How do you take a stand though, very hard to police it.


Huge debate over this actually but it would be much better if they were learning and developing the skills of the game and maybe a little basic S&C along the way with bodyweight
I Know that my brothers team did gym work a couple of times over the off season and theyre only u15 now so its happening all over the country as ive seen online a gym in Galway go through the big exercises like squats dead lifts and bench presses with u14s but then again theyre different animals in Galway


From a fitness, conditioning level guys can be as good now at 35 as they were at 25. But they need the job / lifestyle to support it. And as you get into your 30s you are less likely to have that.

So if you have a guy who has leveraged his success on the field to provide an income and a less intense job, he can go on for longer.

But a guy who is ‘just’ at the good county level and who is starting to progress in his career and maybe has kids, the time just won’t be there.

So I think we will see two sort of contradictory things happen. The really big names will go on for longer and the less well known might get shorter careers.


In my day there was none of this S&C bullshit. It was the Christian Brothers and good old S&M.


Fair point, a lot easier to commit to the training if you’re playing matches. A lot harder to justify the effort to yourself if you’re not getting to play a whole lot.


We introduced S & C to the lads last year, now going into U.16’s. But, purely based on Core work etc. and getting the Technique 100%. Using weights etc. as this age group is crazy as lads haven’t developed fully.


The basic stuff is grand its the other part thats the problem
But is it okay to do if taught correctly as lads join a gym at 16 and a lot do things wrong and get injured that way which may end up being worse
I Remember we done an injury prevention thing at u15 and a lot of stuff was preventing gym realted injuries from doing exercises incorrectly