Walsh Cup 2019


Look at you down with the kids.


The 3 of them could make a difference crummy especially and who knows with smyth as of yet talented hurler alright and hopefully can build on last year


Bit over the top for a school team havent heard the likes of that before :rofl:


Didn’t know Davy Fitz was in charge of them! :grinning:


That’s a pity, it deserves to be seen on a wider scale. Not alone did he spot the opportunity, but he took the pace off the ball beautifully for Dillon.

But, as good and all as he is doing, and he is doing well - I don’t think he is a free taking solution, his percentages wouldn’t be good enough. We still need either Ryan or Treacy on the field I think.


Conroy was a three year minor / 3 year u21, I would love to see him get a good run at it. I am a little afraid that we have so many options now that guys will only get a game or two to prove their case and then be dropped. We could lose good players that way. I think sometimes managers just have to back certain players and trust their instinct. Gilroy seemed to do that last year with the entire full back line. He made very few changes there, even if we got slaughtered - and they came good in the summer.

I actually wouldn’t be envious of Kenny’s job at all now, there are loads of options so people are going to be upset when he eventually settles on a team.


Yeah Conroy is a lad you dont hear a lot about but has plenty of underage experience so im surprised we havent seen too much of him
As for the full back line under Gilroy, they came good after that league showing which was hard to watch at times and they were excelennt during the championship but i think moran in front of them helps a huge amount i think, he was excellent against Laois on Sunday

I suppose the competition could drive the first 15 on and that would be no harm at all it works in my opinion id rather have too many players than not enough but i do agree that kenny will have quite a few selection headaches for the championship


Get everyone buying in to his plan/system and should make for some cracking AvB games! And that’s the way it should be!


That’s the key isnt it, get two teams of 15 going at it in training and whoever shines there gets a chance. We do have a good few options at about a similar level (good underage pedigree) but with it all to prove at senior. what we need is for some of them to develop into county quality options.

As was said above some of the new faces looked at sea last year but they developed as the year went on. Even Peter Kelly when he first came through looked wobbly enough for the first season till he found his feet.

The issue in a few cases is that they aren’t really established on their club seniors yet, so it’s a not really reasonable to hope that they’ll come through this spring.


Moran was a class apart on Sunday (well along with Crummy), he has a great style and balance about him.


Moran and Crummy were class indeed
Both of them are no nonsense they just get the job done and theyre both hugely important players for us.
With Barrett in there too it probably forms our strongest line, two wing backs able to score from long range as was shown last year and a solid centre back who covers well for the full back line. I think teams have to stop that line when playing us.
As for our 6 backs as a whole that started against kilkenny id love to see how they would have fared against Tipperary in 2017 when we got hammered,
Our 6 backs that day were C O’Callaghan, E O’Donnell, F Ó Riain Broin; S Barrett, C Crummey , S Moran
Not a huge change really just o carroll and smyth in there with o donnell going midfield and moran and crummy switching
The difference a year makes


Is there a bit of misplaced optimism creeping in here? Having lots of options won’t make a difference if the forwards can’t win a ball and stick it over the bar. FB line looked very loose for the Laois goal as well. Or maybe I’m have withdrawal symptoms from all the mince pies.


I suppose competition can be a really good thing but only if the right 15 are picked at the start to do the job, it works really well for the footballers (its obviously different but same principles } We did have an off day against Laois shouldve put them away with the 4 or 5 goal chances that we had but now weve got a good test under our belt going into the galway game and we had 2 games where we put up big scores in so its only right to be quite optimistic, but i think the optimism is coming from last years championship performance rather than the walsh cup this year
The full back line wasnt great apart from o donnell i thought laois had one or two really good chances they could have scored aswell but its still early days. The full back line leaked goals in the early stages last year but were watertight come summer


My piunt about rushe keaney and suttcliffe was that none of the forwards that were there since danny and conal went did anything.rushe has been tried in the firwards before last year.remver him playing at half forward in a legue game in nowlan park


That was my point, most of the options in the forwards are a work in progress. Need a few to find their feet, sooner than later.


I thought that year the backs were actually doing ok, the problem seemed to be that the forwards were winning nothing and weren’t powerful enough to stop the opposition backs coming out with the ball. Our backs had to deal with so much ball that they were over run.

It might be one of the reason Rushe is in the forwards, to be a physical presence stopping the backs.


Would agree with that in fairness
Our forwards were very light indeed


Regarding the production of forwards weve 2 problems…Hedgo highlights one of them. About a year maybe 2 ago I said we need to give him a go. His hurling is top rate, the response…hes too sliw for inter county…seems to be holding his own thought.

The 2nd Dublinism to forwards…hes too small…

So we basically decide if lads cant do 100 meters like Peter Kelly or built like Keaney then they cant make it with Dublin. Very few exceptions to that, Dotsy the only one in recent times. The likes of O Rourke never got a fair run


Hedgo has clearly done a lot of work because he is an awful lot more trim now than 2yrs ago


Thats very true remember him coming on against Galway in Tullamore in 2017 and was very big
But fair play to him he has a good first touch even at the early stages of the year and is able to take his score so long may it continue