Walsh Cup 2019


Just on that Laois game - for the lads that were there, how far out do ye reckon their keeper was for that free he scored? He was a good bit behind the 45m line on his side I reckon… I wasn’t really paying attention as I assumed it would just be lobbed into the forwards and the next thing it sails over the bar. In hindsight it could well be one of the longest frees I have ever seen scored.


Barely remember that one but Moran hit a huge free into the sky in the second half huge distance out just dropped short if he hit it at a lower trajectory it probably would have gone over the bar


I didn’t make it to Sunday’s game! But longest free I ever recall was a point Kilkenny scored against us way back in the late 70’s in a league game in Croke Pk. We needed a win and they needed a draw to qualify for play offs. Dublin were leading by a single point deep into injury time. Play was almost on the Kk end line. Our corner forward fouled the defender to stop him getting out. Last puck of the game and the fecker put it over the bar. Not certain but think it was Matt Ruth that landed it! Outstanding free.


Yes he gave the best half back in ireland IMO on that day alot of problems and we do need a full back(expect to see lawlor and conor delaney given a shot during walsh cup and league)releasing padraig back to the half back line would be huge for us.but as ttey say one swallow doesnt make a summer and rushe has never put 2 performances at full foward together and abit like padraig walsh hiis own game is suffering for the sake of the team, again only my opinion.you played rushe full fwd brought back keaney and danny.tells you the forwards are not there.


Can agree re Rushe as it’s been rare enough he performs in any game particularly when moved to the forwards. You’re way off though re Keaney & Sutcliffe. Keaney was forced out by the unmitigated disaster that was the langer from Cork. He more than justified his return once the langer had been driven away!

Sutcliffe in case you forget was one of the top forwards in the country before going to the US. He’s still only mid to late 20s so his return is most definitely not down to a lack of forwards in the county


Ah now, there is a sort of logic there until the bringing back Danny sentence. Why in the name of god would we not play one of the best hurlers in the game when he is available. He is mid 20s, not mid 30s.


Ah here. Danny is only 26, hardly smacks of desperation.

We do need to find a few forwards though.


Dubcat, we’ve discussed this here many times. Some of us question whether or not we are making enough quality forwards. Ger Cunningham set us back badly, which complicates the picture a bit. This year should tell a tale.


Kenny says they’re going to continue to experiment, having used 33 players so far


No sign of the curries, Danny or winters to date?


alan, you’ll enjoy this little story from tipp.

the harty cup (munster secondary school hurling) is back this week. one school had lads out training on stephens day, between christmas and on new years day. they are on a social ban AND strict diet routine- over christmas. these are school children ffs.

then there are stories of dodgy repeaters of the leaving cert, including one very talented lad who came back last year to do one subject…


When you say enjoy …


Just saw Hedgos assist, my god it was a thing of beauty


where’d you see it? tg4?


Or Paul Crummy, Conroy, or Smyth.


Absolutely off the wall stuff.

Note about their coaches than the players I suspect.


esp when they are teachers who can live off a successful season in work for decades…


What’s the school in tipp that’s doing this. ?


Templemore College?


It was a snapchat !