Walsh Cup 2019


Think his All Star was at No.6 But would like to see him tested at midfield for one or two games and see how it works out!


Very true we should aim to build from where we started, last years team was good but obviously was missing a few(most notably trollier in my opinion) Any new additions must prove themselves because our squad depth is improving which can only be a bonus but its a matter of getting the right lads on the pitch come summer time.

Spot on its becoming a worrying trend noticed it in the 3 games especially in Carlow and Laois, it will cost us points and maybe even big championship win as well unless it stops i think

Whatever happened to “take your points and the goals will come”:rofl: :rofl:
Our shooting in general needs work as well to beat the bigger teams we need to put up big scores and if we take our points it would certainly help


mostly doing gym work at the moment, would forgive a bit of inaccuracy, still running up decent scores albeit against weak enough opposition.


Wasn’t down there yesterday so not sure. Going on this years SHC, thought he was outstanding for Boden. Smyth is the real deal too, I’ve said it here a lot. Cian and EOD have to start too though if fit so at least we’ve depth there. Be surprised if Paul Schutte makes it back, last I heard he’d be doing well to play club but hopefully.


Would be no harm to have the full back line of last year again was very solid I thought theyre a year older aswell

Thought o donnell was very good yesterday so hes the nailed on full back for me with o callaghan and smyth either side like @Savio said


Heard a story over the xmass Bennett walked as he believed the commitment was over the top and wasn’t prepared to have his life put on hold


That’s a reasonable opinion too if correct - there is more to life.


Its a shame if true with his talent but you can see where hes coming from its a huge commitment nowadays


I would stick with O’Callaghan at full-back, he hasn’t put a foot wrong in that position really for Dublin or Cuala. I would use O’Donnell outfield as he is more dynamic, a great man marker option too now as we know after he quietened TJ.


I really am not sure what the correct approach is - but I was sitting within earshot of Gilroy for a few games last year and I was struck by how often he was shouting to go for goal. Even at times when I thought there was no chance of a goal at all. But Hedgo, McGibb and Dillon all of have superb power and if its on at all, I think they can take it. Some of the others maybe less so.

Speaking of being within earshot of managers, I thought Kenny was very focussed on the forwards positioning yesterday. He was continuously telling some players to come in and others to go out. He obviously has a plan in his head for where he wants them to be - but the players seemed a little less sure. But there were three or four subs in the forwards, so it got confused a bit.


Yea it’s fair enough really, especially when we’re off the top tier. He might have a change of heart after a year or two away from it.


Something very wrong when a top class hurler is forced to choose between hurling and life.

The GAA is being ruined by this.


I can see the merit in it i think it could take a while for us to develop it it is quite interesting actually a bit of ruthlessness against teams and putting them away with goals.After seeing our shooting for goal yesterday even though it is still early days it will take a while
But in saying that we scored 3 against kilkenny 2 against wexford 2 against offaly and 2 against galway so we can score goals if you look at it that way
As youve said @Wifi we have dillon mcgibb and hedgo who are direct you could also add boland and rushe to that list if rushe starts in the forwards,they arent afraid to run at lads and with ryan and whitely there youve got lads to finish aswell


Paul Schutte won’t be back unfortunately from what i understand… getting back with Cuala is already a tough ask


I was afraid of that, it’s a horrible sounding injury.


Kilkenny in their pomp always went for goals and killed teams off! I fully understand that we are talking about the greatest team to ever grace a hurling field! But its the ruthlessness of them that we could learn from! It needs to be drilled into lads for it to work! Do we have the patience to allow that to develop? I’m not certain we do! Of course we need quality players in our forwards to make it happen!


Until dublin find quality forwards they wont win anything.the fact that rushe was pushed forward proves the point.


Certainly need to add more quality to the forwards alright


Rushe who gave ye big problems last year? That same one?


Funnily enough until KK find a full back either will they. Your point is fairly shown up by this.