Walsh Cup 2019


no longer a surprise to see Offaly lose games to Carlow, Westmeath

Kevin Martin got a bounce outta them when he started in 2018 but it well and truly gone now. They may not get out of the Joe McDonagh


Moran is also class at wing back , better suited to the wing than Rushe is my view. Rushe at 6 and Moran on the wing cd work but I d be inclined to leave Liam upfront at this stage when you add it all up and down


lads I am a fan of Hedgo but has delived in the NHL yet? I think we need to see how he goes there first


Would be well worth a go in the walsh cup or even in the league maybe barrett o donnell o callaghan full back line the moran rushe crummy half back line
It could work it might not but itd be well worth a shot with plenty of physicality there which could be useful against a team like galway


Bennett would be well worth a look but I think he did in his knee with Faughs, shame because he looked in decent shape.

Cain was around the panel last year but missed a lot of the season with injuries, apparently was in good form a few weeks back, now sure why he’s not featured so far.


looks a good set of backs on paper there Lucan

Rush gives real physical presence upfront too though, hard to call! if keaney doesn’t get back from injury and hedgo doesnt kick on, I feel Rush be needed up front


Thanks @Tayto seems a common occurrence with our young talent getting injured you could add cian boland To that list and obviously he isn’t young but Peter kelly aswell and his injury problems


Exactly spot on few selection headaches for Mattie which is no harm
With cronin and schutte as optional too


Someone suggested earlier that Cronin might not be available due to college commitments, so not sure he’s around.


Cian Boland joined up with the bench about 10 mins into the second half looked like it was the hamstring but hopefully not too serious.

I was worried the game was getting away from us when we were 2 pts down and started to empty the bench it can be hard to get anything going when you introduce so many differnt players in a short space but the lads really stood up when asked.

Rushe is such an enigma he is just too good to not have on the pitch but full forward I just don’t think is for him unless it’s the last 5 mins of a game and we are looking for a goal and launching in high ball.

Mentioned it already earlier but today we just weren’t clinical enough in front of goal taking our scores overworking the ball looking for the killer pass in front of goal, Hetherton while having a good game was particularly guilty of this 3 or 4 chances he had to just pop the ball over the bar but instead tried to work the goal and maybe he was right to do so in a game like this but it did make the game a lot tighter than it needed to be.

We definitely didn’t look as sharp as we did the last day out against offaly today. Tough game next week now but just what we need to find out early doors what we are about and no reason to fear Galway in Parnell.


Also if we had Dillon last year v KK in the champ I think we beat them, so good to have him back.


It’s great to hear some of the views above, and to finally, from a Dublin hurling perspective, be spoilt for choices.


Cian O Sullivan was a sub for one of the Walsh Cup games I think, so he is in their thoughts.


Madden must be a shoo in for the FB line although came off injured yesterday. Having said that were spoilt for options here too. Paddy Smyth Cian OC Bill OC and young Gannon all options. Maybe EOD out the field a bit? All guesswork at this stage I suppose.


The six backs worked well last year, anyone who gets in there has to show they can do better, it won’t be easy.

For me, last years championship team is the starting point. Anyone else is trying to prove their case. Cian Boland has / will at midfield (if ok), same with Dillon in the forwards. Everyone else has work to do. It’s very early in the year but Hedgo making a case too.

But there are still a lot of players we haven’t seen or only seen little of.


I think Mattie would be mad to mess with last year’s half back line of Crummey, Moran & Barrett they were up there with the most dominant HB lines in the country.

If Rushe wants a spot he needs to win it in the forwards


Just a quick note to the man and woman who screeched at every refereeing decision, every single one, thanks very much. I still have the ringing in my ears this morning and I was 10ft away! Not every ref makes every decision because he hates the Dubs - sometimes we commit fouls too!


was he that good before he came off? Smyth was developing nicely last year and i am still hoping Paul Schutte might make a return.


I’d have Paddy in there somewhere.


Could Rushe be a midfielder again? I think he won an All Star for there.