Walsh Cup 2019


Leinster Council are obviously going for DCB’s record of playing a Division II hurling league final the day before New Year’s Eve.


Hammered Wexford there in the championship later the same year.
But year 0/4 since then.


You think they wouldn’t be training till the 16th anyway? Is a Walsh cup match more strenious then training?


Any word on the venues for these games? Surely the Carlow game will be in Dr Cullen park and the Laois will be in O Moore park


Sometimes Laois play non league or championship games in Rathdowny


Away to Carlow and Laois and home to Offaly.

Pretty sure we played Laois in field just off “main street” Abbeyleix 6/7 years ago?

They do tend to use venues other than Portlaoise for Walsh. Not that it matters. Days when a trip to Laois often meant a beating, literally, are long gone!


Laois used O’Moore Pk last year, we played Me*** in Abottstown as away fixture and home games in PP.


First game tomorrow, I wonder what sort of team will be put out.


It’s next tuesday isn’t it? (moved from 9th).


Next Tuesday is tomorrow.


No, that’s tuesday, next tuesday is next week :yum:


The next Tuesday we have is tomorrow.


Yea, logically you are right but linguistically next tuesday obviously skips tomorrow and is the following week.


As in see you next Tuesday?


Ah you are right, I am a week ahead of myself.


Once we are clear on the decade it’s all good. Now if it was the next Tuesday in 2020, that would be confusing as that is obviously the end of the old decade :grinning:


I like your thinking WiFi If we turn up tomorrow maybe we can get a few scores on the board before Carlow arrive next week!



Any word yet what venue is down for Offaly game next Sunday? Hogan stand just have it down as Dublin venue @ 2pm


It’s PP afaik.