Walsh Cup 2019


Parnell park @2pm




Burke has played a lot of the Walsh Cup, more then a lot of the rest of them. I don’t think lack of hurling was a particular issue for him. It could have been for Rushe though.

I wouldn’t be concerned about either of them if it was just a bad day. But for me it was similar to a lot of games I have seen them in over the last two years. They are both very quiet and then every 15 or 20 minutes they do something really good. The question for management is if that is enough or not. Or if they have a way to bring them into the game more.

I have undergone a complete reversal on the Rushe as a forward thing. I was for it when Cunningham re-introduced it. But now I don’t think it works enough of the time. It would be a game changer if it did, but it doesn’t.

I would either put Rushe to wing back and Barrett back to the corner, or not play Rushe. But we need a big powerful presence in the forwards, hopefully one (or more) of Paul Crummy, Hayes, Connor Burke or someone else comes to the fore. Hedgo maybe, but I am not sure (but what a touch for the goal today - that may well be our best goal all year).


Wasn’t is Rushes first game back since October? Surely one one display in early Jan we can’t be talking about dropping him from the team or switching him into the backs. We got a fair bit of change from him and Keaney in the forwards last year. Defo worth trying again.


Yes, absolutely it’s his first game back. My comments above are more based on what I saw last year then this game. I think it only worked in the Kilkenny game.

But… he did only start 3 games last year I think, so maybe it does all need more time. But I don’t think there are hugely encouraging signs for it.


Carlow beat Offaly


I wonder did your man cry.


Rushe plays centre forward for pats.have seen him.many times in the forwards and just not good enough for me.yes he played well v kk last year but name me another performance from him in the forwards.however he is a top class centre back IMO


Not really surprised with that outcome carlow put up a way bigger fight against us than offaly did


Don’t think Rushe can push Hedgo out of centre forward


Hedgo, fair to say, as probably been our best player so far in the few games… in part because he’s probably played the most minutes too, but has been entrusted with a lot of the dead balls too.


Been very impressed with Hedgo these last 3 games, for a big lad his skill is brilliant so hopefully he can continue it throughout the league and championship
I think Rushe needs to have another game like the Kilkenny game to keep him in there.i think we need more proof that it does work but it was his first game back today so I wouldnt write it off just yet


Michael Duignan got a 3 month ban in Offaly for verbally abusing and threatening a referee. I hope he wasn’t at the Carlow match, or he’ll be getting very emotional with the result!


I think Hedgo at 14 is probably the best longer term option, he would be a great target man and has plenty of hurling.


I noticed Mickey McCullough wasn’t on the line today anyone know if he is still part of the coaching team?

Also Derek McGrath was in attendance sitting in the stand and a lad from Laois sitting beside me was saying he was getting involved with the Dubs backroom but I just assumed he was getting mixed up with previous stories that were linking him to the main job.


He’s not a number 6 at all.

He can’t mark, turn and has no defensive positioning whatsoever.

He’s a forward or nothing


Oh, I wouldn’t agree, he has had some fabulous games at 6. He isn’t perfect as regards mobility - but I have seen him run games from that position.

But Seán Moran is complete class, so he won’t take that position I think. But I could see him as a wing back.

He has superb talents, they just need to find the best way to utilize them.


He could be a better long term option then Rushe there, but the jury is still out. But any man that can give the knock down that he gave for Dillons goal today has to be seriously looked at. It was a thing of beauty.


Rushe was a class act at 6 for a few seasons in my view. Unfortunately for him, the position has changed a fair bit in my view since rushe last excelled there for us. The present day top level number 6 is as versatile as they come. Needs to be extremely mobile and posses both attacking and defensive qualities. Something we would have associated with a midfielder a few years ago. With that change it means guys like rushe may not be as wel suited to it anymore. Just my take on it. For me he fits in at 11 or 14. If he’s not the best option at them positions then he will have to work his way in like everyone else


To think we still have schutte cronin o connell keaney sutcliffe ryan is a good thing going into next week as all of them have the potential to start in big games, were far off the finished article and we wont be the finished article in the walsh cup anyways or even the league we want to be the finished article for championship just like last year so i wouldnt be getting too carried away or disappointed with results right now

Anyone know anything about chris bennett or cian o sullivan seemed very talented hurlers that have been skipped over a bit, would be no harm having them on the panel ?