Walsh Cup 2019


All the whitehall contingent were very good today as was hetherton crummy saved us in a way I thought when he came on. Still the same problems as last year in relation to our shooting Moran finished the game very well I thought aswell


Not sure he’d be rated too highly down there after being over a KK U21 team beaten by Westmeath.


Jesus, not a hope, Kilkenny wouldn’t have a hope under Brennan.


Too much looking for the perfect pass in front of goal today needed to take more scores and we would have pulled away. The build up to the goal was excellent though


Excellent bat down one of the those that has to be perfect


Poor enough I thought. Rushe didn’t perform, Burke the same. Dillon had a good first half and quiet second half. Hedgo still potential, but has to get more mobile or he won’t make the team in the summer. On this performance, Rushe is either a defender or not on the team.

Oisin O Rourke made a difference, but it will be very tough for him with that size.

Sean Moran and Chris Crummy are just Rolls Royce players, it was worth the trip to see them alone. O Donnell had a few nice plays too, but was taken off for some reason.

Listening to managment instructions, they are very prescriptive on where to be for puck outs, but the players seemed not too sure.

Whitley, McBride, McGibb and Malone were decent I thought. Gray did well in patches. Some of the rest didn’t advance their case.

All in all, it was a little concerning. Some of the guys I was hoping would become big players didn’t shine. Outside of Trollier I am not sure any of the forwards would make the championship team, McGibb and Hedgo maybe if they kick on. Malone was ok, but didn’t seem to play as a forward.

I was encouraged enough that they were prepared to give fringe guys a go when the game was in doubt, it shows they have a bigger picture in mind. But they have to get that intensity going that we had last summer.


While I wouldn’t get too carried away that is the first time we beat Laois since the last time we played them.


Wifi, it’s the 6th of January…


Will the Galway match be in Parnell or where will they put it on?


Ah yeah I know… but a) I am a worrier anyway and b) I thought some lads were showing better then that…

But it will be all grand - I’m sure!



Definitely a winnable game especially at home but we seriously have to up it from today galway would take Us apart with that kind of performance. Bit of a wake up call I suppose but hopefully we still have 2 more Games left in this.
I believe we will up it and we’re probably sharper than galway at this minute in time


Someone said its concerning. Id be more concerned if were flying it. If your not going full whack in Jan to March you can get it right inn summer. If your perfect in Jan it can slip come summer

No concerns here at all


Yea that’s a fair point! Lots of people making that very point about Davy Fitz last year when he had Wexford flying it in early part of the season and doing mad training on Christmas Day etc.


It was their first games since god knows how long?

What happend with Madden subbed off early, injured or tactics


Madden was injured, looks like a shoulder,more precaution than anything else.


Just in from Laois - not our best display this year by any means and a lot of our forwards in particular failing to score or contribute much.
Madden injured a shoulder after 15 minutes and worryingly Boland pulled up with might have been a hamstring after looking our most lively, scoring two points in the first half.
Not too many of our lads shone today, but the subs largely did well on ehtrance and we got the result - next week’s starting team against Galway will be interesting, but Boland will be a serious loss.
With Treacy already injured, he definitely needs natural scorers like Paul Ryan aboard as what we had starting today were not returning much, other than Hedgo and even he had better games previously,





Are we in parnell next Sunday?