Walsh Cup 2019


Connonlly I think


Boland very unlucky. Huge amount of injuries for such a young guy. It’s going to take its toll.


What’s the crack if Laois win - is it the result between us or points difference?


HTH i think?


We’re out


Mattie out.


Crummy and gray hurling well but overall not good enough down by 2 48 gone


Following on twitter it seems Laois are getting a lot from play. Also we’re starting to run the bench. :open_mouth:


Not going well by the looks of it



Conway on for rushe


Playing better now it seems



A bit close for comfort but a win is a win at this time of year, sounds like it was lacking in the intensity stakes as you’d expect in Walsh cup, hopefully bolands injury is not too bad.


Haha, suck on that Eddie


I wouldn’t be getting too carried away about a two point win over Leix.


Who is getting carried away?


You got to learn to enjoy the wins man. Also whenever Eddie is involved its even better. He comes across as a superior and smarmy shite hawk which I really don’t like.


This might be his apprenticeship for the "Big’’ job when an muinteoir retires.


No harm getting a close game, having to pull it out from 2 down. Very little intensity, which is to be expected. Hurled lovely for the last 10 minutes though. Moran, Crummy and hedgo the standouts for me.