Walsh Cup 2019


Great to see Rushey and O’Donnell back, very strong starting 15.


Good to see he’s still looking at lads but in a strong overall team setup.


Really looking forward to tomorrow and the year in general.Give it timber lads :+1:


I wonder what the craic with McBride is? He seems to be available, I think he was sub in the last two games, but hasn’t seen any game time. Maybe small injury…


Definitely a good full forward line. But in fairness to Paul Ryan he did nothing wrong at all last year. In hindsight he was one of our best forwards.

I see what Donal Burke has, but only in patches, the first half of the U21 game against Wexford last year was probably his best in a Dublin jersey since minor. And in fairness he got four points the last day out against Offaly. But for me he has to stop trying to live off the scraps and go and win ball or make runs into space. On the ball, he is pure quality right enough.


Very strong team especially when you think what’s to come in. I’m not sure there has ever been a year with so much selection issues (good ones!).


Has Kenny named his Captain yet ? Definitely had a hugely positive impact on Crummey last year, would like to see him continue in that role.


What’s the story with Sutcliffe. Is he injured being rested currently?


He seems to be easing some lads back in more than others, first we’ve seen of o’donnell, no sign of Danny still, McBride only getting some time, schute, o’connell And Cronin yet to be seen. Assume it’s allowing little knocks to clear up or giving some lads more rest time/working in fitness more:


Are we sure Schutte is back with the hurlers?


Yes Schutte is back with hurlers but I was told that he still has a problem with his foot as he was wearing a boot recently, getting everyone back from injury will take a while. I presume Kenny is trying to rest anyome carrying injuries.


Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the footballers holiday.


Liam was recovering from a hand injury.
Stronger starting 15 somewhat expected with the league getting closer


So a semi final against Galway shall be win or draw against Laois today. I think were building towards it nicely but definitely our toughest test to date when you compare it to the teams weve played no disrespect to them

Nice to get to play a good team before the league starts it does no harm in my opinion


Two good teams hopefully, Galway and whoever we get in the final :grinning:


I wonder will Fast Eddie have anything up his sleeve for us today?


Hopefully a final too :laughing: :laughing:
But I suppose thats a good while away yet we still have to get Laois and Galway :rofl:


Good to see Mcbride Burke and o connell there, strong bench if Im honest but plenty of young lads there who it will do no harm to give them a bit of experience


O’Connell running strong in the spring/summer would be a big plus allright


Apart from his Elbows, I doubt it… :joy: :joy: