Walsh Cup 2018


We should be beating Antrim! But need to make sure we do! And so ensure progress in that competition against the likes of Kilkenny Wexford and probably Offaly! For that reason I think our best available 15 should be playing v Antrim and the balance to line out v Tipp in what is after all a challenge game!


Ronan Smith listed as 10 on Dubmatchtracker twitter I think


Yes that’s the lad.


Antrim are in flitters. The team out last night would beat them. Tipp game more important. in my view even as a challenge. We’re not going to get to play Munster teams bar Limerick in the league. The likes of Antrim offer nothing I’m afraid.


Fully agree we should be looking at beating the likes of Antrim and would like to see the better team get game time against a stronger unit like Tipp.


Important we don’t take a hiding from tipp, well, it wouldn’t be great preparation for the league.


Meath beat Antrim last week, so that says where they’re at currently.

Noticed kilkenny hammered Laois last night also.


I think with the amount of games, everyone will get a decent run at some stage. Putting in a lad in for the last 5 or 10 minutes last night might have been more punishment then reward given the weather.


Yea with 2 games at the weekend, i think everyone will get a chance.


Well maybe there is an argument there alright! Just as long as we don’t switch off in Sunday’s game!


Laois were as experimental as Kilkenny.


Actually 3 games, playing Cork & Tipp on Saturday, then Antrim on Sunday.


3 games means 45 lining out! The panel is meant to be 52. So that cuts it fine for subs! And that’s not even taking players out injured into account!


Yeah and panel being cut down to 40 after that I believe


Unless of course the same 25 playing v Cork and Tipp on the Saturday and Sunday! Remaining 20 v Antrim in Walsh Cup on Sunday!


Tipp playing Saturday in UCD also


Daly did the same thing a couple of years with having loads of games this time of year. I think there is one time we played Galway and Tipp simultaneously. Without knowing the ins and outs of it, there is no point second guessing them, they have a plan I’m sure.

Although I always though of hurling in January and February and hurling for the rest of the year as two different sports nearly. The cold has a huge effect on guys ability to be skilful. They might warm up at some stage of the game, but it isn’t as fast as a lot of people think.


Supposed to get cold tonight so tomorrow might be in doubt



Nice dry crisp morning! Looking good for today in Parnell Pk once you’re wrapped up warm!


anyone any idea who played v cork?