Walsh Cup 2018


2. Paddy Smyth
3. Bill OCarroll
5 Barrett
6 Darren Kelly
7 Crummy
8 JohnnyMCCaffrey Edit
9 Tomo Connolly
11. Whitely
12 Costello
13 Moore
14 Winters

I’ll come back with the blanks


No 10. Burke is 23


2-11 to 0-7 HT


No parking. No team sheets. No scoreboard. At least we didn’t have to pay in and all the kids are invading the pitch again!! Stewards…plan B!!


4 is Hendricken
23 is Robbie Mahon


The 3 amigos


Has to be bleedin cold over that side of the field horse!!!

3-12 to 0-8


We appear to be playing some form of sweeper for Meath’s puckouts. For me, that does not augur well.


Lovely goal by FORB.


4-17 to 0-11


4-18 to 0-12 FT


That’s great shooting and a good run out for them. Bigger tests ahead for sure but they have ALOT of training done so it will stand to them early doors.


Just for the puckouts?


Not sure if it’s the case here But maybe they just anticipated where the keeper was going to put it and so crowded that area!


Can someone explain how Antrim Hurlers played McGurk Cup last night and play us in Walsh Cup on Sunday?


Very comfortable win. Puc outs very good, thought bit open at the back. Two corner forwards very good, nice touch and turn of pace.

Winters started well, but died out. McCaffery played well too.


[quote="Dipdab, post:136, topic:2799, full:tr:
McCaffery played well too.

Of course he did & we’ll be stuck with him now until he’s found out again in the middle of Championship on a fast pitch against a fast team.

Good to see the young fast lads do well. We need as much speed in the team as possible if we’re going to score goals down the road when it matters.



They love their hurling - they played Meath last Saturday too!!!