Walsh Cup 2018


Checked on the Leinster website yesterday and it said 6 so just wondering which is correct.


I got a text from FODH and it said 8pm and Sunday is 2pm.


From Official Dublin website:

The senior hurlers are in action on Wednesday night when the play Meath in Abbotstown (pitch 1, 8.0) in their Walsh Cup clash.

Dublin will host Antrim in Parnell Park on Sunday (2.0) while a different Dublin selection have a challenge game against Tipperary in Dr Morris Park, Thurles on Saturday (12 noon).


O Byrne cup team well documented! But any whisper of Walsh Cup team for tonight?


Not a Dickey bird.


I presume its free in tonight?


Don’t know for sure, but being a Cup game I’d imagine they’ll charge?


They normally charge 10 Euro So imagine Walsh Cup no different!


The old saying goes that the gate goes to the injured players fund.


There are no gates there




That’s why I was assuming its free in


No gate maybe! But a man with a begging bowl! :moneybag:


Anyone available for team lists or updates would be appreciated. Stuck on shift work until morning.


Could of done with the old double header for this. Not that I’d go anyway, brass monkeys and all that.


No team sheets at the hurling, winters and 15 started well


Is that Winters at 14?
Doing very well


15 is FORB



to 0-5 after 22