Walsh Cup 2018


All about opinions.

At the moment he’s a part time hurler and he’s excellent. If he concentrated on the hurling all year I’ve no doubt he would be exceptional as he has everything with speed, balance, power and touch and scores goals.

He’s a bit better than Cronin who you seem to rate as high as Con


Jesus stickman that’s a terrible post

But happy new year anyway!


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Stick man has a point: I’m not a twig why can’t you see, I’m stick man I’m stick that’s me.


But he does have a point …con lacks the stick work of an Eoin Kelly or a Johnny Dooley and is also untested at intercounty level. Has all the atheletism obviously and I’m sure the required stick work would improve but still unproven and cannot be considered a great… I’d love to see him play intercounty mind. Stick man o stick man why can’t you see


I reckon there are countless intercounty hurling defenders who are happy for Con to remain known as an overrated hurler who concentrates mainly on football.



On the Con debate - I really don’t know how he would fair out at senior intercounty. He is definitely up to it, but I am not sure if he would be a stand out as he is at club level.

He did have his year on the senior panel (first year out of minor) and back then he wasn’t making the panel proper really. I know he was very young at the time, but this was from the manager who put Burke and O Sullivan etc. in at the same age. Also, Con was a very good minor, but I wouldn’t have had him the best on that team, I thought McBride was.

It is an impossible judgement to make really, to compare how someone in one environment would do in another environment. I suspect he would be a version of Shane O Donnell (Clare), I think a better version as he is more athletic, but I am just not sure. There is the chance that the extra training has accelerated his development on the hurling front and he would carry it through to senior inter county, but who knows really. But if the extra football training can make a good minor hurler a superb senior hurler, then how good would Costello be with regular hurling - he was a fantastic minor.


Looking forward to seeing the lineup tomorrow night, any ressers heading along to it?


Hoping to go. Still at 6 in Abbottstown?


Says 8pm above.

Assume there’ll be more regulars available then for the blue stars game.


Match is on at 8. You might want to be there at 6 as massive crowd expected :wink::wink::roll_eyes:


Playing Tipperary at 12 on Saturday in Thurles as well as Antrim the following day.


Hoping to get to Abbotstown tomorrow evening- hope they will have a programme as I imagine there will be a lot of new faces on display!


I would imagine the Walsh Cup team will be the stronger one! Time will tell!


Is abbotstown the one beside the aquatic centre? Or is it blanch IT.


Aquatic centre


It’s a pity the football and hurling are on at the same time. :slightly_frowning_face:


Pitch probably wouldn’t stand up to two games at this time of year! Weather fairly crap over last week!


Aye but maybe have one on Tues and other on Wed - different venues as they are now. At least you could go to both if you wanted to.