Walsh Cup 2018


Cillian Buckley’s a wing back/midfielder not a corner/full back & what did Con score v a poor Dicksboro team 1-02 or 1-03 out of 2-20 and the goal was a tap in from 3/4 yards…wow he’s the reincarnation of DJ Carey.


Your own is the only ridiculous statement I can see.

“Most inter county backs are as good an athlete as he is”

Yea good one. Tell that to the numerous intercounty defenders he’s left for dead at some point or other in a game for Dublin/Cuala


You have got to be kidding me!!! Cronin is nowhere near Con. He is the inside forward that we are in dire need of. They give him the perfect ball and he has the talent to read it, win it and score. He is fully deserving of the praise he gets in my opinion.


What Inter County Hurlers has he left for dead seeing as he has never played Inter County Hurling?? People are going on about him as if he’s Shefflin, DJ, Callinan & Canning all rolled into one based on him getting a FEW scores against bums in club games.


And what type of ball do you think he’d get playing Hurling for Dublin?


I’d like to think he’d get the same. Obviously you don’t see it in the lad, he’s 21. If he was playing hurling only he’d be having a huge career in front of him. DJ or Sheflin… yeah for me.


I must be missing where this is being said?

He’s some potential and he’s exactly what Dublin need currently (goal scoring forward) but sadly we’ll never know how he’d fare at county level.


I think Tommy Walsh recently said that he was akin to DJ. I’d agree with him. Why are lads so quick to begrudge fellas like Con instead of seeing the positives in him.


I take it since you feel senior A club players are bums that you reached exceptionally high levels in your own career? Maybe you are Henry Shefflin and your afraid Con may be a threat to your legacy.

Also intercounty players play club hurling, hence how Con has actually played against inter county Hurlers. I thought that would be obvious


In an ideal world Dublin Hurlers would have both Con and Cronin and benefit massively! Two players that bring totally different attributes to the table! Attributes that compliment each other!


Stickman, name even one current Inter county back who has the pace to catch Con? And secondly, why did you call club players bums?


Tommy Walsh was one of greatest defenders to ever play the game! So if he rates Con as one of the best! Then that’s good enough for me!


Compared to Con, Ger Healion is a bum. You don’t have to be Henry Shefflin to recognise that!


One of the best what?? Club players…yes. Inter County players?? How can he be when hasn’t even played it. Pure hyperbole as usual from most on here.


Fair enough your entitled to your opinion! But I will go along with Tommy Walsh’s view! He has played against the very best forwards! So I’m assuming he knows a thing or two about good forwards!


Your splitting hairs mate. You know as well as the rest of us, he would do serious damage playing in the front 2/3 of our senior hurlers. Happy new year to ya horse.


I agree but as loney used to say, we can’t match tipp or galways front 6 so maybe we have to try something else.


Skill and speed are not problems for the Dublin Hurlers. Physicality and body strength are! At the moment we are just not in a position to compete with the Galways and Tipps etc because our players get horsed off the ball too easily. It will take months to build up the Dublin players to the level that the top teams are at which is in ways is a sad reflection of how the mainly skill and speed based game of hurling has gone in recent years.
If Pat Gilroy is using the sweeper I would think it is because he needs time to work on the players to get them to the required level without suffering any more devastating results in the meantime.
Remember he did the same thing in 2010 when we witnessed some horrible football games along the way but it didn’t turn out too badly since.


A Damian Hayes type player at most for me I’m afraid. A far superior footballer in my opinion.


I would not be at all surprised if we start out with a defensive setup and modify from there.