Walsh Cup 2018


The 42 is claiming Gilroy said it will be a month before the injured lads are back! Also saying Keaney played a part in Waterford challenge last Friday night and that he was pleased with his efforts. Early morning sessions are back on and everyone giving their all.


McMorrow has a serious enough ankle injury. Probably won’t feature until Championship time.


I saw that, slightly contradictory to the Irish Times report. I wonder who is still a month away? Rushe maybe?


Sort of unfair on him (Dooley), some of the things that went wrong for him last year was more down to the instructions he was given rather then anything else. Cunningham seemed to want him to double up as a sweeper or something at times. Still, I would always have had Maguire and Nolan ahead of him, but I suspect he is better then he looked at times last year.


Fionntán MacGib has had an operation on his knee which had been troubling him for some time.


In The42 article he says 5/6 lads are more or less back but it will be a month till they’re match fit. They had given keaney a winter training regime to get in shape, which he did, minor injury aside.

Cutting panel from 46 to 40 for the league.

Working the lads hard during the week so not worried at all about the fade out yesterday. Trying lots of things out etc.



THIS sounds a bit of a laugh




I heard Brian Coady was sent to stands during normal time! Continual verbals by all accounts!


That’s Davy’s job safe for another year.


Had to read that twice Alan. Thought you said it was Davy’s job to get sent to the stand for verbals! :grinning:


Wexford hadn’t won it since 2002. Remarkable achievement by Davy. Has taken Wexford from 4th or 5th in Leinster to top spot in just over one season. Some manager.


Must try harder…


I’m trying … I’m trying … as herself keeps telling me …


Hes ticking a lot of boxes for them so far as much as it pains me to say. This years championship will say a lot about where they are. A decent league won’t be enough for him to say any real progress has been made



“A head on him like a Spanish omelette” :joy::joy:


Heard referees been called Feckers! Blind! Useless! and many more things. But having a head like a Spanish Omelette Love that one! :slight_smile: