Walsh Cup 2018


It’s a wonder Davy was able to do an interview! I thought he might be knackered with all the running on to the pitch he was doing. In fairness he did not get into conflict with anybody. But he had no business on the field of play!


I still think our lack of goal threat is going to be our Achilles heel as we aren’t scoring heavily enough to win games without getting at least one goal.

Still we are work in progress.


I think Dillon and Sutcliffe will get us goals. I would like to see some more options for the full forward line though, but we still haven’t seen the shape of the team really yet as there are probably 10 or 12 potential first teamers missing. Bennett would be a nice one to get back in county action and back to his best.


He has no interest from I’ve been told.


Oh - that is a pity, serious talent…


Whats the general opinion on Kelly (Craobh) at Number 6. He looked a real possibility to me, I wasn’t really aware of him before this.


He’s come on a lot in the last 12 months, always had pace but has kicked on, had a great shc and continued on from there. Seems to get 2 or 3 points a game which is good going.


Not sure he has the mobility for a dry day on a big pitch…I havent seen too much of him either so I could be off the mark.


Was sitting right in line when Winters was dragged down by Ryan. Was a 100% definite second yellow. Ref bottled it as he had Devey and another mouthy Wexford selector in earshot shouting at him. If ref had done his job there we probably would have won comfortably against what was strong Wexford team.

Today was positive overall but fade out last 20 mins very poor.


All the analysis aside, that was great entertainment for a January Sunday. I was very surprised by the quality from both teams, it was one of the highest standard Walsh cup games I have ever seen.

Sure, it fell apart a bit after 50 minutes (and the reasons for that need to be seriously looked at by management), but before that some of the play was just fabulous.


It took someone as good as Peter Kelly time to adjust when he first came onto the panel, initially he mixed the sublime with some poor mistakes. Crummy as well.


Glad to see-this tradition is still alive


The look on the Wexford subs faces as they tried to have halftime puck around! :grinning:

Though to be fair Lee Chin posed for photos and signed autographs for whoever asked.


Hard to read a lot into that yesterday - I thought FF line was poor all day but overall cant fault the effort though the second half collapse is worrying. Good entertainment for January and as above fair play to Chin at HT


That is more or less how I saw it too. Very positive for Dublin with, I would assume, fitness / training issues accounting for the tail off at the end. To play the type of game they are playing they need to be hugely fit and that won’t happen over night.

It will be a challenge to get the established guys (and the returnees) fit enough, fast enough, but I would think the Limerock league game should be the first one that we need everyone up to speed. Sutcliffe especially looked to be lacking fitness yesterday (even carrying a bit of weight), but you would assume another months training should sort that out.


He’s a solid hurler but lacks pace. Was caught out of position a few times yesterday which resulted in scores for Wexford. His lack of pace was a problem in the 2011 U21 final against Galway so, at this stage, it looks like it will remain so.


Thought he did well enough yesterday! Won’t dislodge any of Moran Rushe or Crummy in half back line when all are fit! But he will be decent cover for injuries or suspensions during the year.


An interesting thing in that Irish Times article above is that Gilroy says he will have everyone available for the Offaly game. Gilroy was good at giving accurate team info when he was over the footballers. But it will give us the first chance really to see who ‘everyone’ is.

Even look at last years panel https://www.dublingaa.ie/teams/senior-hurling, outside of the Cuala lads, there is a few of these we haven’t seen yet - although I know a few are carrying injuries…

Is Dooley on the panel this year? I would assume so, he was hardly dropped without getting a chance to prove his case?


Believe he was dropped off panel.


WAS wondering about a few of last years panel as well, Conway showed some promise this time last year. Mcgibb on the panel? I keep forgetting about mcmorrow as well, who is one of our best performers the last few years. Assume Riain McBride is injured as well, he was good for the I u21s at 14, if we’re looking for alwmball winning & a bit of physicality in the full forward line he could do a job.