Walsh Cup 2018


Poor second half by all accounts and we seem to have gotten a good few cards also. Discipline will need to improve. Hopefully the training load that we are currently doing is not a reason for 2nd half. We will have time now to focus on League.


Games beat training all ends up. Game vs. KK would have been great. Very disappointing capitulation after sending off.


should winters have been taken off before being sent off?


29 mins between scores! Think that says it all.


Possibly, it seemed very predictable. Disappointing to totally give up after he walked. From 5 ahead on the 45th minute to a walloping. Only scored once from then on. Jaysus.


Something he’s going to have to deal with. Cost Brigids the Cuala game in Club Championship as well.


Don’t understand how Liam Ryan didn’t get the line after 15 mins.



Let the poison dwarf have his moment. That was about 10 of their championship team versus about 4 of ours. Winters is not a dirty player but he should know by now how to put manners on one without fouling or getting a card. Great effort from many lads. Ref was very poor. Gave frees against lads for standing their ground but let Wexford full back away with murder. When both teams are at full compliment, we will beat them without too much fuss, if we meet them.


Goal was a huge turning point. Danny just missed one and they went down directly and got a soft one.


We are meeting them in championship. We will be much stronger by then.


Absolutely! If not in league playoffs, round 2 of round robin, away in the Strawberry Fields!


We tired quickly after the red card which was the game changer. Half forward line went from winning a decent amount of possession to losing virtually every ball and puck out that came their way. Danny looks like he just need some games, looked to be trying really hard to force things. Definitely a decent run out for the lads but they’ll need to learn how play with 14 men. Guiney cleaned up with the space when he came on, and the score line certainly flattered Wexford, I don’t think they were 7 points better than us. I know the game was over but there were some awful decisions and shot making in the last 10-15mins which will also need to be worked on.


HOw did Danny get on lads?


Was quiet enough. Plenty of time for him to get the hurling going.


Done will for about 45 mins But tired after that! Very unlucky not to score what would have been an excellent goal!


Good to see Alan Nolan out talking to his defenders at every opportunity!


Well ref was dishing yellows out like confetti!


As you’d expect to be fair


Yeah for sure. We had a really good 52 mins there. I guess with new management and trying all sorts of new things we may not have had a plan for the sending off.