Walsh Cup 2018


Okay. Thanks Tayto


Just said on wireless that Cillian Costello started for Danny




Is there radio commentary? Or just updates?


Gilroy must have seen enough of Whitley, FORB and Danny. (Hoping no knocks).


Very occasional updates on Sunday sport


Cool. Must tune in. Thanks


Alan Moore with 2 x goals




MAHON GOing well


Didn’t winters go off? Mahon seems to be on ze frees now



Forwards seemed to give a good account anyway.

Antrims CF (Johnston) seemed to be the only sharp shooter from Play. So guessing Bill wasn’t overally tested as McManus was all frees no?

I’d be interested on those present report of Bill, Connolly and Mahon games today


Wexford in semi next week


We played weford away last year in walsh cup . Will we be at home next week?


Huge step up from what we be faced so far. Will need to pick form players.

Someone tell me Mahon is big, pacey and strong?


Yes. Home game


These are the games Davy targets to keep him in clover. Let him off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hard to judge our full back line as not much decent ball went into Antrim’s full forwards. What ever went In, Cian, Bill and Paddy dealt with. Our puckouts were dreadful. Can’t avoid saying that. Almost all were sent short too. Very little clean ball caught today. We did manage to send good ball in behind their full backline. Hence the four goals. They wasted a lot of possession in the second half.