Walsh Cup 2018


We will get a fair idea at Parnell Pk today! Today’s line out + the Tipp line out! So probably just the over flow of panel! Doubt very much if very many would be playing back to back games! But then stranger things have happened!


It’s seems they only played a half each v tipp.


Yea forgot about that!



Plenty of lads getting a run in the forwards, seems to have stuck with the same backs & midfield for the most part.


So i guess eyes will be on Bill for that FB position

I’d be interested too to hear from those there how Robert Mahon fairs. He was lively enough at the Blue Stars thingy.


Surprised Paul O’Dea and Cillian Costello didn’t make the team/ bench?


Not started well


Enter paul crummy with 1-1 in a couple of minutes


Winter free x2



Good man Winters!

But I’d say they are more going to gauge his performance from contribution play today.


daire Gray got the other point


Another Robbie Mahon point from play then this



Sweet. I liked the movement of Robbie Mahon the last day.

Winters obviously heard me talking about him :slight_smile:



frees from McManus keeping Antrim in this (just)


No mention of Danny? Did we forget to pick him up at the Red Cow? Obviously not playing no?


Dunno, no scores from him so far but could be winning plenty of ball for all we know, hopefully we’ll hear more from a resser or two in attendance later.