Walsh Cup 2017


NFL is unquestionably the best competition in the world for that very reason.

Impossible to implement in an amateur game obviously.

The regular transition from no hoper to play off contender in the NFL is startling, the LA Raiders proving that point this year.


The competition structure is also:

a] very easy to follow season
b] gives regular games for players to play and for fans to attend.
c] leaves half the year free
d] has geogrphical divisions which divide up the teams but they don’t let that strangle the sport.

we could learn a lot from it with a bit of creativity we could have a much better product.


They can’t, but the bigger issue is population not money. Counties with under 80k population may never win the All Ireland again…


Creativity is very difficult when every decision is made by 100s of people at congress. No one person would come up with what we have now, it is the embodiment of the expression that a giraffe was a horse designed by a committee. In trying to keep everyone happy, no one is happy.

Now we have another group, the club players association to lend their voices to the cacophony, just ensuring no one at all will be heard. On an aside, but I see they have hired the same 10 year old to write their statements as the GPA did. They just stick them in the room with a pen (crayon) and the instruction to try to write as if they are a grown up at a real serious grown up type job…


It’s not. Monaghan have a very small population so that has nothing to do with it

It’s money.


It would be interesting to see how Monaghan come up with more funding than other counties of similar size.


kilkenny is not exactly huge.


Yea, it’s the ultimate design by committee isnt it, what a mess.

No reason the whole season can;t be redrawn and the munster championship revamped along with the rest of the season.


Galway 4-37 Carlow IT 0-15 :see_no_evil:




Carlow are one of the favourites for the Fitzgibbon


Is DJ Carey still looking after them??


This is why the colleges should be thrown out of these competitions. They take the group stages seriously and in the process eliminate the likes of Offaly and Laois. Then when it gets close to Fitgibbon they put out a B team and waste everybody’s time.


They played a second string team because of the proximity of the Fitzgibbon


… really is a waste of time having them in it if they’re going to pull stuff like that/


Kilkenny winning this 0-18 Galways 0-14