Walsh Cup 2017


money talks…will it be happening at intercounty level in 10 years time ??

Hopefully Dermot Earley will provide more grounding to the GPA than Dessie


It’s only really one poster in fairness . It’s the Chris Sutton analysis . Only one county can win the AI - so you have 31/32 chances of being right
That’s a decent effort last night . Likes of Donal Burke are going to be stars


Some going to Rovers??? That’s like leaving Man City to go to Accrington Stanley


i was going to say Dublin to Meath


I actually only meant that wexford’s recent u21s team were better then Wexford have had for a long time, so in theory Wexford should improve.


how has Seanie McGrath been faring at wing back
GC has seen him a good bit over the years so I presume this is a genuine look at him playing that spot
It’s a spot where the competition will be tough


Way off topic I know - but what is going on there? Surely Dundalk have all the money to keep players etc. Very strange!


Trying to be like Prem players if you ask me!


Apparently they are not prepared to spend it.


It should be a great opportunity to progress, but looks like they are blowing it.


Are you sure it’s not Daryl Horgan who is playing wing back ? I read some posts an got confused


Love it! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I heard, maybe wrongly, that Dublin had no bus for this game, that players travelled in their own cars…

Feel free to correct me if wrong, it’s not first hand info


If so I wouldn’t look into it too much and that was probably decided by the players.
For a mid week game it was probably easier for some to jump in their cars and head down after college / work instead of trecking across the other side of the city to get a bus down to Wexford.
I’ve been involved with county sides before and it was easier to do this especially mid week.
It’s not like it was a financial decision not to have a bus.


makes sense…


Is there not any way that Cunningham can be hammered over this?


I heard he forgot the half time oranges …


Is it true the hurlers and footballers are getting Jeeps from Subaru?

Does any other team get stuff like this?


here are the dozen official partners of Dublin GAA for the 2017 season:
O’Neills – official kit partner

Lifestyle Sports – official clothing partner
Ballygowan – official hydration partner

Energise Sport – part of the official hydration partnership
Aer Lingus – official airline partner

Linwoods – official health food provider
Skins – official performance baselayer product

The Gibson Hotel – official sleeping partner
ROS Nutrition – official supplement supplier

Benetti – menswear provider
Gourmet Food Parlour – restaurant provider

Subaru – official car partner

Gibson Hotel, official sleeping partner :joy::joy:, lads this is a fucking juggernaut !


Subaru is providing for MOST of the panel, not all.