Walsh Cup 2017


Actually it seems everyone is getting a chance to take a free here.
4 players scored from frees so far.


1-16 to 0-17


Wexford 1-17 Dublin 0-17 FT


Ah well. Next up the league. Seemed like a good second half effort.
On a side note Shelmaliers appears to be an awful spot for a game such as this, reading dubmatchtracker. A couple of Dublin players ran past him at 7.10 on their way to the dressing room.


Lost by the goal. Wouldn’t be too upset with that given the number of new faces playing.


Very little more then glorified challenge games at this stage of the year especially given our own contingent missing.


No harm trying out different free takers! This is the right type of game to do so! Wasn’t at game tonight but seems like a good performance by our lads in 2nd half! The 5am training over Christmas seemed to stand to Wexford with 3 points in final few mins. to clinch it! Any comments on the Wexford goal? Was it error on our side or just good work by them?


Hopefully your lot are not back for awhile yet, so they’re building a team for the league.




Its not about me at all - its about dim lads. They’re the ones putting it in. I am not going to say anything about anything ye saw it yerselves there tonight. We’ll work hard and keep our heads down - we’re only minnows - hard to get the breaks when you’re the smaller fish. But its not about me. Dim lads have given everything.


I know it’s only January etc etc, but we could have and should have won that. That’s the first time in a long time they have beaten us at this level. Speaks volumes for the effort that the lads put in when the wexicans had a seriously strong team out and Davey was losing his reason for the whole game!! It was a pleasure to hear the sizable crowd go quiet as we got closer and then got level.

Onwards and upwards…


Who played well? How did the new lads fox and Moore get on?


Moore went over on his ankle in first half and was carried off, unfortunate. Fox contested some puck outs to mixed effect and missed a couple of longish range frees. Agree with CDG that we might have won it… but WX probably better overall on night…they won the last few minutes when stuff mattered. Funny game…hopefully post more tomorrow.


N McMorow 0-6 (two frees),
C Conway, C Crummy, C Bennett (two frees) 0-3 each;
D Fox 0-2 (one free).

Conway scored 3 points in the last match as well didn’t he? A point scoring midfielder would be very welcome addition. Mcmorrow going well also.


Not sure where those stats are from but Whitely scored from play when he came on; O’Dwyer scored an ‘elegantly taken’ free, Conway moved from midfield to half-forward in first half and Matthew O’Hanlon, McMorrow’s direct opponent, ran the show when Wexford were dominant in first half.


From the Irish times


SCORERS – Wexford: C McDonald, L Chin (0-3f) 0-5 each, P Doran 1-2, P Morris 0-3, R Kehoe, B Carton 0-1 each. Dublin: N McMorrow 0-4 (0-1f), C Crummey, D Burke (0-3f) 0-3 each, C Conway, D Fox (0-1f) 0-2 each, C Bennett, F Whitely, R O’Dwyer (0-1f) 0-1 each.

WEXFORD: M Fanning; W Devereux, L Ryan, J Breen; S Donohue, M O’Hanlon, D O’Keeffe; S Murphy, B Carton; D Reck, D Redmond, L Chin; P Morris, C McDonald, P Doran. Subs: E Martin for Reck (36, inj), R Kehoe for Devereux (49), C Dunbar for Carton (54), A Nolan for Redmond (62), K Fay for Morris (63), H Kehoe for P Doran (70).

DUBLIN: C Dooley; P Smyth, S Barrett, C Robinson; C Crummey, L Rushe, S McGrath; B Quinn, C Conway; D Fox, N McMorrow, T Connolly; F McGibb, A Moore, C Bennett. Subs: R O’Dwyer for Moore (25 inj), C Maher for McGibb (28 inj), A Quinn for Connolly (ht), F Whitely for Fox (45 inj), D Burke for Conway (49), Fox for McGrath (50).


2008 the last time they beat us?


Yeah pretty certain it was championship replay in 2008 the last time alright. Can’t remember another time anyway.


But this is the Walsh Cup right? Like the O’Byrne Cup? Where UCD and Longford and even Meath and Kildare sometimes beat Dublin? Like… it’s not real.