Walsh Cup 2017


They’ve gone all Quakerish?


Oh I thought you said great return from the frontline …


I know exactly what’s going on with a lot of them. I don’t agree with it is the point.

You’d get real tired real quick around here correcting people’s assumptions of what you said.


The aul hands still haven’t warmed up. Wife’s or wides, there were a lot of them!!!


Crummy is 6 6. Shane Barrett is a monster as well.


The exceptions. We are not that size from 8 to 15.


Blame it on the Mrs… I mean misses.


That’s the way we’re going to play this year, like it or not.


agreed but can’t pick size for the sake of it. Danny is unavailable. . Eoin Conroy isn’t small if he gets a run


Lack of size from 10 to 12 destroyed us against KK last year. We cannot avoid hitting some ball long and we must pick a better mix of lads in that half of the pitch. Hardly anyone who hurls for KK, Tipp or Galway are much under 6ft tall. I don’t like it, but that is how it is. We can afford a Dotsy at 13 but not in the half forwards.


Agree with you but Ger likes the short running game and having drafted in the other Ger, from newtowmshandrum, he ain’t going to change that now.

Besides given the numbers missing through Cuala & colleges we’re really just trying lads out and giving them a taste of it. Wexford will be a big step up in standard.


I thought the team spirit on the field was very good. Encouraging each other on after mistakes were made. Seems like the weekend work had a positive impact.

Nice to see both Quinns coming away with 3 from play. Ben also created the goal/penalty with the run down the pitch.

All said and done. Lots of room for improvement. Interesting to see what we do against Wexford. Beating carlow and UCD won’t mean anything if we’re put to the sword next week.


Going to be a tough one, assume Wexford are missing a few with the colleges as well?


Wexford have been fielding almost full strength teams…even in the challenges pre xmas. They will be strong


Going to be very tough in that case.


Wexford are a poor team as we showed them twice last year. The ‘Davy’ factor will have initial success but they are missing 7/8 lads also through travel and injury, mostly cruciates I believe. We are missing an awful lot too, for varied reasons. Either way the game next week has no relevance to the year ahead win or lose. Would have liked to see even more of the ‘unknowns’ get a run out on the last couple of games too as it’s amazing how quickly the national league will come around. We seem to have great prospects in young Burke and O Sullivan and the other minors who dealt well in the last couple of games.


That’s not a new thing though, we were never blessed with ball winners in the half forward line hence why he tried the short game last year.


We fared alright in those stakes in 2013 with Keaney, O Dwyer & Sutcliffe :cry:

We’ve gone so far back it’s scary, the game last night was such a low standard.

Donal Burke some bit of stuff though.

Mól an oige agus tiocfaidh sí is all we can say at this stage


Hey, it’s january, we scored 28 scores with a frighteningly young team, i’ll take that.

The league is going to be very tough though.


Do Vincent’s not take part in such team building events?

Teams up and down the country in a variety of sports, both amateur and professional, use these type of camps for such sessions. Gavin certainly has for teams he has managed.

Some on here (not specifically you) appear to be hell bent on having a cut off Cunningham no matter what he does.